How to do Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup

Kim Kardashian is known for her different make up looks. When it comes to eye makeup, she is known to sport the heavy lashes and also the Smokey look. This is quite common for most of her looks that she sports at the award functions or the other shows. You can easily create a style like this. This can be done with a few bold colours of shadows and you will need a false lash. These are quite common these days though these are costly if you want to buy something that will give a professional look.

Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup

Below are the steps mentioned to get Kim Kardashian eye makeup look like the image shown above:

  • It is very important that to create a basic face makeup, your face should not have any oils or dirt on it. This is therefore the basic step. To get the professional look, you should buy a deep cleansing face wash and with this you should cleanse the face. A clean surface holds the compact and foundation for longer.
  • After you have cleansed the surface, you should apply some primer. These days you can buy the lid primers that will keep the shadows on the lids for longer. You can also use the primer that you are using for your face. This should be blended properly so that it sits into the pores and keeps the makeup base on for longer without cracks or wearing off.
  • You should buy a concealer that is very important and a basic thing for any form of look. You should buy a stick concealer which is very trendy and easy to apply and suitable for beginners. You can take these on the finger tips and apply properly, and on any form of blemishes like pimple marks or any other thing that you want to cover. You can also use some cream based concealer which is suitable for women who work and who have to go out of the house on a regular basis. This is applied mostly with concealer brushes or with makeup sponges. You can also use mineral concealer which is good for aging skin.

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  • After concealer has been properly applied, you need to put foundation on the lids. You will also have to use foundation properly on the rest of the face.
  • Then you can apply a compact and blusher according to the type of look you want to create.
  • For the Kim Kardashian eye makeup, you will need at least 3 types of bold shadows. You can take silver a copper and black shadow. These can be blended to give a Smokey sultry look.
  • Start at the edge and cover the crease area with the copper shade. You can also use any dust colour for the crease. This should be slightly lighter than the colour of the black shadow.

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  • Take another applicator and use the black shadow at the exterior. Blend this and create a tailed formation.
  • Use the silver on the brow bone and at the inner side.
  • Use a flesh or silver liner for the lower water line. Use your black gel liner for the upper rim.
  • If using false lashes, then apply mascara after wearing those.
  • Use the copper or dust coloured eye shadow along the lower rim below the water line with a fine tip applicator. This will make a dramatic Smokey effect.
  • Finish off the look with nude lips and bronzer for contouring.

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Be it silver, dusky darks or the shimmering gold, Kim Kardashian just looks stunning as she sports each of the eye-make up styles that are truly in sync with a sober makeup on face and lips. The only tip divas follow is to keep the lip makeup minimal when the eyes are being highlighted.

Now that we have revealed an exclusive Kim Kardashian chic look for you, all you need to do is just pick an in-trend shiny shimmer eye shadow kit and work your magic on.