25 Simple & Easy Paper Craft Ideas With Images To Make At Home

The art of creating simple and innovative decoration is a masterpiece which people can learn by attending craft classes in school or private and also for kids by just looking at their parents who are into designing and creating artwork from home. For adults who have learned craft making former and want to know more innovative ideas to make some paper craft and decorate your house, this article would be handy and useful. Parents can also share their paper craft ideas to kids and make them involved in art and craft work which can be a mind work!

Paper craft for kids can be at times difficult for some kids since they find difficulty in holding the paper and cutting them into different shape and size. The colour paper craft is a good pass time for adults as well as for the middle-aged kids.

Best Paper Craft Ideas With Images To Work At Home:

To know more on the types an design here are the top 25 easy paper craft ideas with images which can be useful to kids as well as for grown up.

1. Paper Flower Craft Design:

Paper Flower Craft Design

The floral design is an easy to make craft work made from paper. The shape and size of the paper crafted design is an individual decision. This craft is a creative work for the kids. The flower design can be made from simple lily too complicated floral design. Flowers like rose needs a lot of practice before making a good one.

2. Paper Spiral Crown Craft:

Paper Spiral Crown Craft

This crown design is an innovative craft work using paper which definitely girls like to make one at home. This papercraft models design can be made from different material and color. The outline shape of the crown is circular with the spiral floral pattern made of the circular framework. The flowers used in this crown are generally multicolored with glitters around it or else the flowers can also be without glitters.

3. Paper Lamp Design:

Paper lamp craft work is not only a pass time work but also a cost-effective deco work which can be used as a home decoration. The size of the paper made lantern should be long and wide enough to hang in the bulb attachment as well as the bulb inside the paper made lamp. The bulb reflects the light out through the paper which gives makes the room more attractive and soothing. The color of the bulb also makes the atmosphere look different.

4. Paper Dress Craft:

Paper Dress Craft

Kids paper craft work using paper would be interesting and challenging. Girls can create Barbie dolls using colorful papers. The color and the design can be selected according to the kids choice and preferences. The dress can be a skirt and a top or a casual dress. This type of work needs a lot of creative ideas.

5. Paper Ice Cream Design:

Paper Ice Cream Design

Ice cream paper craft design is a simple and easy to make craft work. The shape of the ice cream can be a cone or any imaginary creative design which kids definitely love to create. The cone ice cream is the simplest and easiest handmade paper craft design which kids love to do. The tough part could be making layered ice cream or a cup ice cream pattern.

6. Paper Plate Wall Hanging:

Paper Plate Wall Hanging

Instead of using normal thin craft paper, it would be more innovative to design paper crafts made from Paper Plates. The shape of the plate is usually round and the size can vary. The center part of the plate is cut-off and the design is done around the corners. The center of the plate is hollow and the surrounding of the plate is painted or colored which can be of personal choice. At the top of the plate, two small holes are made which helps in passing thread used as a wall hanging thread.

7. Paper Parachute 3D Design:

Paper Parachute 3D Design

A mix of two or three color papers and interlinked to form a box pattern looks more attractive, this design can be made as a parachute which can be kept in the living room as a showpiece. The size of the parachute can be made according to one time and interest. Paper parachute design can be as easy craft work for adults, for kids, this would be a difficult task which may take a lot of time and patience.

8. Paper Cuckoo Bird Design:

Paper Cuckoo Bird Design

Designing a bird using paper as a base is quite a time-consuming task, which comes with practice and patience. Children may find it difficult, but this art is a perfect pastime for ladies and young girls. The shape and size of the bird is completely a personal choice which kids can select on. The color combination can be made unique and eye catchy.

9. Caterpillar Paper Craft:

Caterpillar Paper Craft

A train design looks similar to the shape of the caterpillar, which kids will definitely feel amusing and interest to create one. The color of the caterpillar is usually green which is replicated in this easy paper crafts design too. The ear design can be made funny by using big ear pattern and the eyes can be made more comic way making the eyes look bigger form the body.

10. Lavender Flower Craft Design:

Lavender Flower Craft Design

Lavender flower has its own unique design which can be replicated as an artwork made from paper. The color of the lavender is usually after its name which is the mild purple hue. This type of flower craft design can be considered as one of the simple paper crafts design.

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11. Paper Crafted Bracelet:

Paper Crafted Bracelet

Young girls who want to pass their holidays with some interesting artwork then this bracelet made from colorful paper could be an ideal choice. The size of the bracelet can be personalized. This can also be presented as a birthday gift.

12. Paper Tree Design:

Paper Tree Design

The paper tree design is the most loved and fond design by kids and also by youngsters, since designing a tree from the paper is a simple yet a creative design which can be made in few hours and also a paper craft work at home. The color combination can be a personal choice.

13. Recycle Paper Craft Pencil Holder:

Recycle Paper Craft Pencil Holder

For those school going kids whose vacation are approaching a thinking for a pastime then this craft work would be an ideal choice. The papers which are kept at home can be recycled into a useful item by designing them into a different shape. The shape of the pencil stand can be of personal choice. The best could be designing a swan or a duck pattern which could definitely take a lot of time.

14. Lord Ganesh Paper Craft:

Lord Ganesh Paper Craft

Ladies who are well versed in creating craft work with paper, then this task of making paper made Lord Ganesh would be a perfect weekend hobby. The type of paper used is usually hard which can be shaped into body, face, ear.

15. Paper Crafted Wall Frame:

Paper Crafted Wall Frame

Wall frame can also be made out of simple paper material which is different from the usual stereotyped wooden or metal frame. The paper used is usually hard which can retain its shape and structure even after the photo is stuck with the frame. The wall frame pattern can be of a different shape which can be decided according to wall size and also consider the wall color. The paper used can be either simple or eye-catchy by using glitters and stones.

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16. 3D paper Craft Design:

3D paper Craft Design

3D paper craft design is a mind blowing artwork to see as well as to create. This is definitely a time-consuming task which people need to practice a lot before creating a monumental one. The highlight of this 3d design is its colorful appearance. These are the amazing paper crafts for adults. These 3D designed paper craft takes a lot of time which needs to preserved and showcased in a beautiful manner which can be done by framing the artwork and hanging it.

17. Paper Butterfly Design:

Paper Butterfly Design

This butterfly craft concept is an older yet the latest color paper craft design which has gained attention from kids to adults. The shape and the way the butterfly can be designed is the differentiating concept used in designing the paper. Making a simple plain paper to a colorful design is a real art.

18. Christmas Decor Paper Craft:

Christmas Decor Paper Craft

Christmas deco is always an interesting thing to be discussed among family members, especially now when the Christmas is a few months away. To make some handmade things, this could be an idea contribution. One such contribution could be designing a Christmas craft hat, which is an easy paper craft ideas.

19. Paper Bag Hand Craft:

Paper Bag Hand Craft

Paper craft is not just for fun it can also be taken seriously by making paper bags which can be made as a business. The simplest way to start making paper bags could be using simple brown color stiffs papers and designing them as bags. This artwork can be listed as DIY paper crafts design.

20. Paper Bow Hand Craft Design:

Paper Bow Hand Craft Design

Kids who are interested in designing unique designs then this idea of making the bow using colorful papers could be an interesting choice. Paper bow idea is a craft work for middle-aged kids. This type of craft work is an ideal paper craft for kids. For kids when their is an school celebration then using this designs to create present would be an great idea. Parents can help their kids in making these paper crafted bows.

21. Folding Paper Crafted Pineapple:

Folding Paper Crafted Pineapple

Pineapple design is quite a complicated design which needs a lot of practice and time before creating a fully finished design. The color can be of single or multiple which is then twisted to make interlined boxes and then the shape of the pineapple is architecture. This folding designed paper craft is an amazing Paper craft idea.

22. Paper Crafted Owl:

Paper Crafted Owl

Owl design is an interesting craft design to be made by middle school kids during their vacation. Parents can teach them or kids learn it in their school too. The owl design has become popular jewel piece among girl which motivates them to create owl out of paper. Drawing the owl eye can be a bit difficult which needs to be practiced on the paper.

23. Flower Vase Paper Craft:

Flower Vase Paper Craft

Flower vase design is common painting design which can also be replicated as paper craft work. The stand and the vase with flowers are created using the quilling method or by simply cutting and pasting method. The paper stand is glued onto the wall and then the paper vase is attached in a sequence pattern.

24. Tissue Paper Cup:

Tissue Paper Cup

Tissue paper cup design is something new and kids can have fun while making it. The papers used are colorful and thin. The tissue papers are cut into different shapes and joined into single lines and the formed into a single cup shape. The small shape which is made from different colored papers is glued together to form multicolored paper cups. Sometimes white tissue paper is colored and designed into various shapes.

25. Quilling Paper Craft:

Quilling Paper Craft

Quilling paper craft work has grabbed attention among women crowd due to its attractive and unique design which can be achieved just by using some paper and investing some time. The papers are rounded into circles which are then used to create different forms and shapes. The quilling design makes it a bit confusing at times due to its minute details and the color combination.

Designing birds, animals or any form deco work just by using papers is a real art which can be done with minimal cost. The main important factor is the time and patience to create a beautiful craft work. The quilling paper craft is the most happening design which makes it be listed as the is commonly done artwork by ladies and for kids design paper cups or trees could be a great start for their future to create some amazing paper craft using quilling technique. Designing the best pattern would come only with practice.