Pros and Cons of Butt Implants VS. Fat Injections

Pros and Cons of Butt Implants VS. Fat Injections

When you’ve decided that you want a drastic butt augmentation, plastic surgeons may recommend either implants or fat injections. If you’re absolutely sure that exercise won’t help you and you absolutely want a bigger butt, discover the pros and cons of butt implants vs. fat injections.

Each procedure has certain benefits and downsides, and the right way to make an informed decision is to find out more on your own before booking a costly consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Pros And Cons Of Butt Implants

Buttock augmentation with silicone implants is the more invasive solution, but it can also help you get better results in the long run. Here’s what you need to know about butt implants.

Pros Of Butt Implants

When you know exactly what shape and size your ideal butt is, silicone implants are the way to go. The implants are inserted under the muscle so your ass will still look and feel natural. Unless your butt is completely flat, there’s usually enough tissue to hide the implants and get a natural curvy result.

Unlike fat injections, one of the biggest pros of butt implants is that once swelling goes down, your butt will retain its new shape in the long run, unless you lost or gain a lot of weight.

Pros and Cons of Butt Implants VS. Fat Injections

Cons Of Butt Implants

Since the silicone implants go under your gluteus maximus, one of the biggest cons of butt implants is general anesthesia. The procedure usually lasts around two hours, but your downtine while you heal will be longer, up to a month before any strenuous activities. In fact, walking can be very painful in the first few days after the procedure and sitting down is forbidden for a while, depending on your plastic surgeon’s recommentation.

You may suffer some scarring in the are of the incision used to insert the silicone implants beneath your muscles, but the biggest risk and one of the worst cons of butt implants is the risk of rejection, since you body may respond negatively to the insertion of a foreign body.

Like like breast implants, buttock augmentation silicone implants don’t last forever, so you might need to replace them eventually.

Pros And Cons Of Fat Injections

Unlike butt implants, fat injections have less risks, but the benefits can also be less than what you want. Also called a Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure depends on how much fat you have in other areas of your body.

Pros and Cons of Butt Implants VS. Fat Injections

Pros Of Fat Injections For Butt Augmentation

One of the biggest pros of fat injections vs butt implants is that there’s a zero risk of rejection. The plastic surgeon will simply use your own fat, which will be partially reabsorbed, but unlike silicone implants it won’t shift around or cause you any health issues in the long run.

Fat can be injected directly into your muscle, where it will take the same texture and feeling as your own muscle mass. Since it’s a simple injection procedure, there’s less risk of scarring than for the wider incision for silicone butt implants.

A faster healing time is another one of the big pros of fat injections vs butt implants. Since there’s no foreign body inserted into your buttocks, you’ll be able to sit down faster and resume your regular activities in a shorter amount of time, usually about 2 weeks.

While your butt will look bigger, you also get the added benefit of liposuction in other areas where it can be difficult to reduce fat with exercise, including your stomach and even love handles.

Pros and Cons of Butt Implants VS. Fat Injections

Cons Of Fat Injections For Butt Augmentation

The biggest drawback of fat injections instead of butt implants is that you can’t control the shape and volume. Injecting fat directly into the muscle won’t leave any bumps, but some of the fat will naturally get absorbed back into your body. That means that the overall increase in size could be as little as 25% or as big as 50%, depending on your body’s reaction to the injections.

One of the biggest cons of fat injections is that you won’t get the best results with a single procedure. By repeating the process every 3 months until you get the desired results, you can reduce the fat absorption rate and increase your chances to get the curvy butt you want.

Fat needs good bloodflow, so even if the recovery period is shorter than for silicone butt implants, you shouldn’t wear tight clothing or sit down for a longer period of time. Being very careful for at least 8 weeks after the procedure is one of the biggest cons of fat injections vs. butt implants.

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