Top 15 Dragonfly Tattoo Designs And Ideas!

These days many people like to get dragonfly tattoos done on their body. They also get various other types of designs done along with these. These are also quite girl type and women sport thee mostly. You can get these done with floral prints which is quite common and easier to flaunt. You can also do these with other types of insects. Those are also quite easy to sport if those are drawn and done properly by professional artists.


If you want to sport a small design that is not large scale then you can get these done in very small formats in black ink on the arms or the ankles or the wrists. These are the common places where you can get these done. These are also quite artistic and very easy to sport. Many people also get these done behind the ears. Those are also easy because those are very small. You can also hide those with your hair. If however, you want a moderately large scale pattern and you also want that in colour and designer form, then you will have to get these custom made. You can ask your pattern artist to custom draw out the design and also the stencil position you can see if you are comfortable to get that inked at that position. You can then choose the colours with proper guidance and advice from your artist. You can also make other forms with these. You can use any type of designs like anchors, hibiscus, or do these in a tribal way for the inner design or the body of the fly.

If you are looking for a tattoo that will simply look good or you are there is a place to find some good and fabulous tattoos, then finding some specific kind of dragonfly tattoos will make your choice excellent due to the lovely geometric pattern of their wings. Here, you will get a wonderful addition to your tattoo collection!

Best Dragonfly Tattoo Designs:

Below are the top 15 types of dragonfly tattoo designs that you should definitely try out. These should also be customized made from your pattern artist so that this is according to your comfortability.

1. Geometric Dragonfly Design:


A dragonfly tattoo will be usually done in a vibrant and colourful fashion that makes the tattoo design very attractive and eye-catching. The most important aspect of getting tattooed this design will be its right location and placement. When it comes to placement these tattoos will give great versatility as they are not very large in size. Apart from these, dragonfly tattoo will portray some qualities like strength, fertility, happiness, change, agility, bravery, heart purity, individual freedom, and many such things. Select and go on with the unique designs to stand out of the crowd.

2. Photographic and Quoted Winged Dragonfly Tattoo:


However, there are plenty of designs available the Photographic and quoted winged dragonfly tattoos are something special and being loved as this tattoo having the fly wings carrying some texts such as the name of a loved one or a beautiful quote or some poems. Depending upon the bearer requirement, a picture or a photograph can be added. It is one of the best dragonfly tattoo designs for women.

3. Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo:


Overall, men and women of all age groups from all parts of the world were having the craze to get tattooed with the dragonfly tattoo designs as they are staying as a positive symbolism and keep reminding the people that they can fight against all the troubles. One such tattoo design is the tribal dragonfly tattoo designs which will be done in solid colors like black and grey that is mostly preferred by men rather than women.

4. Dragonfly Tattoos on Arm:


A dragonfly tattoo can be incorporated with other elements like a dream catcher, anchors, arrow, feathers, flowers and some others that give a unique look whilst using the right choice of colors including a different impact. Of course, correct compositions of colors will make these tattoos really a stunning visual impact that will be fascinating to the lookout. You can get enjoyed with hundreds of designs that are available online and pretend to choose the right one getting aid from a tattoo artist.

5. Dragonfly Under Boob Tattoos:

Dragonfly Tattoo 5

This is a color splash design of dragonflies. You can easily get these tattoos done on your body if you want something that is colorful and also large scale.

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6. Sequential Dragonfly Hand Tattoo:


As an Ancient insect that was lived on earth for hundreds of million years, people especially women love to get the dragonfly tattoos on their back as it means good luck as well as rich symbolic meanings. Getting this tattoo will make you constant having the change in the perception of self-realization.

7. Fairy And Dragonfly Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 7

If you want a fairy design done on your body and you want a large scale pattern, then you can do some dragonflies with it. These are quite a girl type and you can easily sport these. This is one of the perfect dragonfly tattoo designs for girls.

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8. Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 8

This is a shaded fly pattern with tribal flowers. These are easier to sport and you can do these in any color that you want.

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9. Dragonfly On Left Collarbone:

Dragonfly Tattoo 9

This is a common colorful dragonfly tattoo that has been done as a branch of a design on the shoulder. These are quite colourful and you can do similar or customized formats with 3D effects and other colors.

10. Dragonfly Flower Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 1

You can get the dragonfly tattoos on your ankles. This is the common position where many people get these designs done. These are easier to sport and also you can wear small tattoo designs at this position with colors and also you can hide easily.

11. Dragonfly Behind The Ear Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 3

These are three dragonflies and this is done behind the ears. This is one of the small dragonfly tattoos for women.

12. Dragonfly With Floral Prints Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 6

This is a designer dragonfly and you can easily sport this with floral prints.

13. Dragonfly Tribal Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 2

This is a tribal tattoo pattern of a dragonfly and also a frog. If you want something tribal which is a trend these days, and you also want to have something like a colourful frog with it and a fly, then you can try these out.

14. Evil Dragonfly Tattoo for Women:


The evil dragonfly may represent the lovable secret in a totally different fashion highlighting the evil side of its character. It might be a rough edge or something as weird as bat wings. There exists a collection of dead tattoo images where you can get the best dragon tattoo that looks very horrible giving fear.

15. Simple Dragonfly Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo 4

This is a design done in black ink and you can easily sport a tattoo of this color.

If you like to put a dragonfly tattoo on your body, remind that you are making this commitment that will last for a lifetime. Hence, it must be made sure that you have chosen the right dragonfly tattoo designs to get started. This will lead you towards the long way allowing getting the dragonfly tattoo that you are more interested in. When it comes to dragonfly tattoos, you have the numerous colors and designs with the sky as the limit and you don’t have to be restricted to the colors that are found in nature. May your dragonfly become a great deal and more fanciful but; you must make sure that you have to choose the favourite colours of your choice with your tattoo artist taking sufficient time to get the best one that suits your skin.