Top 15 Quick and Easy Mehndi Designs With Images

Occasions are a time for celebration and with all the new clothes and accessories, everybody wants to look glamorous in their own way. The touch of mehndi enhances the beauty of a woman and any occasion is incomplete without it. There are times when you are in a hurry and need to get the mehendi done in haste. But the intricacy of mehendi does not let you too.

Quick and Easy Mehndi Designs with Images:

Here is a list of top 15 quick henna designs with pictures which are done beautiful at the same time easy to create and suitable for all types of functions.

1. Minimalistic Design Mehendi:

Quick Mehndi Designs

This consists of designs that comprises of the most minimalistic designs. They take the least time and they consist of minimum designs. They comprise of designs which have different curves and also which are traditional as well as modern at the same time. They are highly preferred among women for varied occasions. The most unique factor is the ring that is there on index finger which enhances the beauty of the design.

2. Simple Indian Designs For Mehndi:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Simple Indian Designs

For those of you who wish to have a minimalistic design on your mehendi style, it is best for you to go for simple Indian design. They comprise of the most minimalistic designs and are made very quickly. As they comprise of fewer details thus it can be made quickly. These designs compliment every occasion and can be worn by women of all ages.

3. Quick Flower Mehandi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Floral Mehendi Designs

Another type of mehendi design that can be created quickly is flower designs. These designs contain less intricate patterns and are thus easy to make. The fact that it can be made with ease contributes to its readiness to do it. They are also easy to create and thus have gained popularity among women. For those who are in a rush and want to get it done quickly can opt for this design.

4. Quick Zigzag Mehndi Patterns:

Quick Mehendi Designs-zigzag patterns

Zigzag mehendi patterns consist of designs in zigzag structure. They comprise of varied lines going from everywhere to everywhere. These lines are made in a much unstructured manner and are very whimsical in nature. This makes it easier and faster to be made. It is gaining popularity among women as they are not much time consuming yet look very attractive.

5. African Quick Mehandi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs-African Mehendi Designs

Like its Arabic counterparts, this mehendi design is also very popular among women. They consist of very simple shapes of geometry like lines, squares or dots. The space in between the lines is not less than its counterparts. As they consist of simple shapes like lines and squares they do not consume much time in its making.

6. Moroccan Style Easy Mehndi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs-MoroccanStyle Mehendi Designs

This design has its advent from Middle East and is thus very much different from its counterparts. They consist of geometrical patterns which make them different from the rest. This is one more kind of design which is highly preferred among women as they consist of simple designs which are easy to make. It saves your time at the same time makes you look pretty.

7. Petal Of Flower Mehandi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Petal Designs

This design is a counterpart of its flower designs. Similar to flower designs are petal designs which are also easy to make. They consist of designs of various kinds of petals which look beautiful at the same time are easy to make. It suits all type of occasions and suits all ages.

8. Quirky Mehendi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs- Quirky Mehendi

The traditional styles of mehendi are generally done with a lot of patience and are thus time consuming. Moving ahead to quirky mehendi designs, we get a wide array of unique out of the box designs which are not only easy to make but are also very unique in its design. This is gaining popularity with time as it does not consume much time.

9. Varied Swirls And Twirls Mehendi Patterns:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Varied Swirls And Twirls Patterns

The most traditional manner of mehendi was in twirls and swirls. Varied array of these patterns are created to give a breezy look to the design. They are made using various leaf designs and multiple curves. They form the basis of any mehendi design. A complete design can be made with the help of these swirls and twirls.

10. Simple Arabic Designs Mehndi:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Simple Arabic Designs

Though certain Arabic designs comprise of intricate designs which are time consuming, nut there are few basic simple Arabic designs are can be done easily. These designs are created using stylish patterns which are easy to make at the same time attractive. These designs are very eye catchy and unique. They are great designs for beginners as they can be made very easily and does not need expert hands.

11. Bangle Style Quick Mehendi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Bangle Style Mehendi Design

This type of design is made in the design of bangles. The round designs give an attractive look to the mehendi and makes it catchy. It gives the look of the woman wearing multiple bangles. This design is Indian in its nature but can be worn for several occasions as they are apt for all. It is very attractive and gives a subtle look.

12. Glitter Stones Mehandi Art:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Glitter Mehendi

The glitter mehendi is a combination of both Arabic and Indian style. They are highlighted with sparkles around the bold lines. This gives a dazzling effect at the same time is easy to make.

13. Multi Coloured Quick Mehndi Designs:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Multi Coloured Mehendi Designs

These designs are created using varied vibrant colours which enhances its beauty. This is a modern form of mehendi design and has gained immense popularity among all. For those of you, who want to keep up with the trend, can apply this design.

14. Tribal Block Mehandi Design:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Tribal Block Design

This design acts as a modern twist to the old traditional designs. They look sporty and trendy and thus can be worn for any occasion. They are also easy to make which does not consume much time.

15. Peacock Dark Mehendi Design:

Quick Mehendi Designs-Peacock Mehendi Design

This design consists of curves which are in the shape of peacock. This is a very old form of mehendi which is traditional in nature. They are easy to make yet look attractive.


With the varied number of designs now you can easily choose the perfect design for your next occasion. Apply the best mehendi design which is be quick and easy that suits you the most.