25 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women 2020

There are various ideas that you can get inspired from to get something like a tattoo on yourself. There are various styles of flowers, designs, lace, or even animal prints that you can do. You should always get guidance from a professional artist for these.

tattoo ideas

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women With Pictures:

Below are the top 25 styles of tattoo ideas with images that you can choose from to custom make something by getting inspired from these.

1. Font Tattoo Idea Or Name Tattoo Ideas:

tattoo ideas1

This is such a writing tattoo design that you can try out on yourself as well. You should select a proper artist to get this done on you and that artist should be professional. You can also get something customized like this. You can also use different colors for this tattoo idea. This is one of the perfect small tattoo ideas for girls.

2. Tribal Designer Band Tattoo:

tattoo ideas2

This is a very glamorous art work that you can also try out on your body. You can also add other associated characters and shapes to this tattoo idea to make this showier. There is a scope of extension for these designs. This position is comfortable for many because, this is at the back and also towards the lower side of the body and therefore quite easy to sport.

3. Full Hands Tattoo Design:

tattoo ideas3

This is a girl type shape tattoo. You can also create something similar to this for yourself. If you want then you can add some other different colors and detailing to this. You can also get something customized from your artist who will do this on you and if your artist has good drawing hand then he can draw something suited to your taste.

4. Orchid Tattoo Design:

tattoo ideas4

These tattoos are quite common for many people to sport. These ideas should also be done with a variety of colors. However you should use something like a sticker an then if you are comfortable sporting this then only you should do the permanent colors.

5. Black And Shaded Tattoo Ideas For Men:

tattoo ideas5

This tattoo is quite detailed and also simply glamorous on men’s arms. You can try out similar ideas and styles on yourself as well. You can also get something customized like this and add more flowers or other birds to this. It is one of the best shaded tattoo ideas for men.

6. Chinese Tattoo Ideas:

tattoo ideas6

This chinese tattoo is quite stylish. The idea of nature tattoo is very beautiful and attracting also. If you want something that is quite girly type, then you can try something like this out.

7. Animal And Flower Tattoo Design:

tattoo ideas7

This is a very stylish art work. If needed, these tattoos can also be extended later. You can ask for more shadowing and other effects for these. You can also add more colors to this which will be great idea.

8. Embossed Flowers Tattoos:

tattoo ideas8

This is a showy work and you can have variety of stylish added to this. This can also be sport by almost any person. Here the the beautiful flowers and small leaves are excellently patterns in perfect order that pattern shows the superb combination of green and red colors. you can try these out easily.

9. Colorful Flower Designs:

tattoo ideas9

This is another stylish tattoo design that almost any person can sport. If you like these styles then you should consult a good artist who has good hands for drawing and he can guide you as to the proper colors that you should use for this and he can also give you temporary stickers which you can use to see how the positioning looks. Therefore you can have these custom made and then have these done with needles and inks.

10. Single Color Hibiscus:

tattoo ideas10

The beautiful hibiscus flower drawn on back side of hands that would be great idea of the artist. This can be sport easily because this is stylish. Often these are later given more colors and other designs. You can also extend this to other positions of your body. You can choose other flowers in place of this and you can also use leaves and other effects or even writings.

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11. Spiral Tattoo Design For Girls:

tattoo ideas11

The lotus flower, rose flower and golden flowers are beautifully tattooed on back side of a girl. This has very intricate detailing and the shadow effect has been done properly. Therefore you should have a professional artist to do these on you. For these, the brush effect and the embossing will have to be carefully done for these. These are also quite showy and can be sport by almost any person. You can also get this in smaller scale and you can also use other shapes or patterns or even writings to this later.

12. Tribal Orchid Tattoo Idea:

Orchid in Tribal Format

This shoulder tattoo is done in an ancient format but the look is very girl like. If you want, you can also use makeup to hide this as this is done at a single position of your body. So it is easier to be covered up. These should be done with proper colors and properly shaded or these should be done in proper sizes as well. You can also extend this later and therefore these tattoo ideas give you an opportunity to add more associated patterns to this.

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13. Flower Tattoo Design Ideas For Feet:

tattoo ideas13

Here you can see the duel flowers with petals stunningly painted on the girls foot. This is quite showy for girls. You can add other small flowers and other styles to this. You can also do some shading to this. You can also add more patterns or more flowers and then you will be able to make this look different later. This is one of the good looking foot tattoo ideas for women.

14. Celtic Tattoo Ideas:

tattoo ideas14

This is simple Celtic tattoo design on neck , the stylish art properly drawn also. You will need a professional artist to do this properly with the proper shading and embossing effects. This has black bands and other shapes can be added to this as well. You can try out something like this easily. This can be done smaller scale and you can also extend this to any position of your body.

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15. Black Shaded Rose Tattoo:

tattoo ideas15

Here the smiley roses nicely tattooed on girls body without much of colors. This rose tattoo idea is done in a single color and some flesh tone has been added to this. It has been properly done by a professional artist. This is very glamorous for girls to sport and also this has a heavy effect which makes this look very showy. You can sport this easily if you are a girl. You can also add colors to this if you want to later on that make the tattoo more attracting and enthralling.

16. Heart Beat Tattoo:

Heart beat tattoo

This is one of the cute tattoo ideas where the entire tattoo is consisted of a cute little heart beat much like the ones we see in a hospital heart beat monitor but towards the end of the heartbeat there is a encouraging quote attached that would add a much deeper significant meaning to the tattoo.

17. Charm Bracelet Tattoo:

Charm bracelet tattoo

A charm bracelet is usually defined as one where new items and collectibles can be added, the objects that are significant in their lives. This is a similar concept except this time the charm bracelet has three protagonists, the anchor to keep your level headed and bound to earth, the cross to keep your faith alight and the heart to keep the love intact.

18. Feather Tattoos:

Feather tattoo

This is one of the most common tattoo ideas for women which can either be big or small depending on your desired size. This time the tattoo is quite big with a wide range of beautiful colors gracing each sinew of the feather making it look simply marvelous and outstanding.

19. Lock And Key Tattoo Ideas:

Lock and key tattoo

A sign of togetherness, a feeling of security, often lovers, close and caring friends, family and loved ones can opt for this tattoo idea where one of them can get a lock done on themselves the other person carrying the key thereby binding them together in a series of togetherness. These are usually small scale tattoo ideas and can be placed anywhere and everywhere on your body.

20. Music Tattoo Design:

Passion for music Tattoo

These tattoo ideas are appropriate for a budding musician or a patron of music who would love to ink their passion and unrequited love for music on their bodies. In this tattoo, the musical notes are curling up from the very petals of a withering soft flower attaching nature and music in a single bind.

21. Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas For Women:

Dream catcher tattoo

Dream catcher is an age old concept where a protective charm is created through a wired mesh enclosed within a circle followed by hanging feathers along with it. The circle meshes are known to filter out the good vibes from the bad ones while the feathers and trinkets fan away the retained negative vibes thereby bringing charm and prosperity to you. It is one of the perfect tattoo ideas for women.

22. Anchor Ahoy Tattoos:

Anchor ahoy tattoo

Anchors are good tattoo ideas for men where the tattoo art can be made majestic and powerful by using proper shading or simply an array of colors. Girls too sport anchor tattoos as they come with a deep meaning that would either keep you afloat through hard times or keep your down to earth and humble.

23. Sweetheart Skull Tattoo Design:

Sweetheart skull tattoo

Skull tattoos are too a popular form of tattoo art. They range from menacing and daring to cute and dangerous much like this tattoo with a butterfly, rose and a cross as its companion. The combination of roses and skull is very different idea to thrill the tattoo lovers.

24. Key Tattoo Ideas:

Key tattoo

We have already discussed lock and key before but this time the key comes alone in these tattoo ideas where the key is often ornamented and decorated with a word or two nestled in between the design that speaks of personal motto.

25. Angel On Back:

Angel on back

Many people simply use the angel wings to cover the whole back while some resort to small time angel tattoos. Either way, angel tattoos are a big hype and can be used as a sign of guardian angel or someone protecting over you for always. It is one of the best small tattoo ideas for girls.

Tattoos are essentially a western concept and have soon proliferated in fame with the new everyday concepts emerging that speak of not only beauty and grace adoring your skin but also the deeper contextual meanings that add encouragement to the tattoo art. This article gathers together some of the common everyday tattoo ideas that are most talked about. In this article you will surely find the tattoo art that means the most to you as we narrow down the most opted for tattoo concepts for your viewing pleasure.