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Top 9 Asian Wedding Hairstyles

Asian wedding hairstyles cannot be neglected. They have some of the best hairstyle ideas for all sorts of occasions. Asians believe that more than picking the right hairstyle for the right person on a wedding is one of the most challenging tasks. Since wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life, we have brought some of the best hairstyles for all the Asian women out there.

1. Long & Simple:

asian wedding hairstyles

Firstly, people like to go for the simple look. Hence we have brought you the simplest of all Asian wedding hairstyles which is the best also. This is a simple clasped long hairstyle which is almost suitable for all women. Long hair is the only necessity for this hairstyle. However if your hair lacks length you can use extensions. Numerous bridal accessories can also be used to increase the beauty of this look.

2. Loose Up-do:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles2

Asians want their hair to be perfect in any occasion. When it comes to wedding, they love to have this up-do look. Compared to other hair styles this looks more sophisticated and adjusts the angles of the face. There is nothing better than an up-do hairstyle styled in a classic manner.

3. Side Swept Bride Hair:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles3

In this hairstyle a part of the hair is brushed towards the right side (in the image). It can be a left side swept hair as well. This look is simple and suitable for all face types. It can be easily maintained and styled.

4. The Imperfect Up-do:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles4

This hairstyle is a master piece and it needs time and patience to be styled. Though it looks rugged and shaggy, it takes a lot of effort to style the hair in this manner. This traditional hairstyle looks great on women with long faces and thick quality hair.

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5. Textured Full Up-do:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles5

This up-do hair style is comparatively more textured than the previous ones and can be styled easily. The main trick is keeping the hair well clasped and intact as in this style the hair has a tendency to fall apart. You might also add a little touch of wavy layers to the hair to make it look even more beautiful.

6. Veil And Tiara Hairstyle:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles6

Veil and tiara are must for giving an Indian woman the prefect bridal look. In this look the mask and the headband captures the spotlight.

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7. Long Curly Wedding Hair:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles7

Curly hair on a wedding day will undoubtedly turn heads. In this hairstyle long hair is a necessity. The hair grows into heavenly curls at the end and makes the whole hairstyle look magnificent.

8. Hairstyle With Flowers:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles8

This hairstyle comes with cute pink flowers attached to the hair. The flowers are actually floral accessories. This adorable hairstyle will look good on all women with all hair types.

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9. Hairstyle With Flowers:

Asian Wedding Hairstyles9

This is the second version of the flowery hairstyle. It has only a minute difference from the previous one. Here the flowers are attached on the back, while most of the hair is braided in a fashionable manner. This hairstyle is a considered as one of the best among the South Indians.

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