Top 9 Aquarius Tattoo Designs

There are many people who like to sport tattoos of the Aquarius symbol if this is either their favorite sign or their zodiac. The designs can be of various styles. However, you should remember that there are various styles that you can do. But these are often can be quite large scale as you can see in the list of images below. There also can be some which can be done in symbolic format like a wavy pattern. Those can be done at the hands or at the back of the neck.

aquarius tattoo designs

Best Aquarius Tattoo Designs:

These are therefore mostly easier to sport and when required, you can even hide these with makeup. These are girly and quite showy. You can also get glamorous woman figurines drawn up on a large position of the body. These can be like the back or frontal areas of the body. There also are patterns that can be tried in a different format like you can team these with other flower or prints. Those can also be quite stylish. These are therefore quite easy for girls to sport. You should however always choose a professional artist for all these.

However if you are not a fan of large scale prints then you should not attempt to get these done. These if are done in large format the removal if you are not comfortable with the sporting of these, can leave traces of ink making surface patchy and you may need a cover up design.

Below are the top 9 Aquarius tattoo designs that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Woman Design With Water Jar In Her Hand:

Woman design with water jar in her hand

Something like this can be very artistic. The woman has been done with a lot of coloring and the jar in her hand is pouring the water which is the symbol of the water bearer. You can try something like this. This is very artistic and the professional artist can do this properly. This is one of the perfect aquarius tattoos designs for men.

2. Wavy Aquarius And Potter’s Jar:

Wavy Aquarius and potters jar

This is a small scale pattern with a potter’s embroidered jar and there are the wavy pattern which signifies the zodiac. You can try something like this.

3. Artistic Women With Water:

Artistic women with water

This is an artistic tattoo designs where the woman holds a jar and the water is getting poured in a wavy style. This can be very stylish to sport according o the shading and color combination.

4. Shaded Water Design:

Shaded water design

You can try out something like this. This is done below some other associated design. The wavy style is the symbol of the water bearer zodiac.

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5. Artistic Various Styles Zodiac Design:

Artistic various styles zodiac design

This is an artistic portray of various symbols and styles like the wavy lines, the writing and also the splash of water in a whirlpool which shows off decoratively. It is one of the best Aquarius tattoo designs for men.

6. Artistic Aquarius Design:

Artistic Aquarius design

This has been done by a very creative artist. You can try these out easily. These are also artistic but you should get these custom made. These should be done accordingly by professionals.

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7. Bordered Design Woman With Water Jar:

Bordered design woman with water jar

This is a pencil border style design without many colors. These are easier to sport and look artistic. This is one of the best Aquarius tattoo designs for women.

8. Wavy Zodiac Water Symbol:

Wavy zodiac water symbol

This is symbolic and as mentioned above, the water bearer sign can be representing by these wavy lines. This can be done in shading and these are very easy to sport.

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9. Wavy Water Tattoo For Legs:

Wavy water tattoo for legs

These can also be artistic and can also be colorful depending on what you want to sport on yourself. These are for those people who do not like large scale arts. It is one of the perfect Aquarius tattoo designs for girls.