Top 9 Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Katie Holmes earlier had medium-long hair which she later cut down into medium-short hair. This article features some of her medium as well as short length hair dos. These hairstyles are not only for her fans but also for them who have a square facial structure and are struggling to find an appropriate hairstyle.

1. Medium Bob With Eye-Framing Bangs:

Medium bob with eye framing bangs

Who said fringes are for long hair? Katie Holmes shutters this line of thought with her amazing short bob cut which features exquisite bangs in the front. These eye framing bangs with the overall bob cut look extremely polished and neat. Her square face shape gets proper complements from the face framing haircut. The bob cut also helps in highlighting her cheekbones.

2. Shoulder Length Side Sweeps:

Shoulder length side sweeps

Katie is seen most with her shoulder length long tresses. She styles her hair quite intelligently such that it shows the volume even though she has thin hair. This layered haircut also features some side swept bangs in the front which diverts attention to her right eye.

3. Wavy Medium Hair:

Wavy medium hair

Maintaining layers has many advantages, firstly, it complements you thin hair and makes it easier to style and secondly, it maintains an illusion of volume. In this layered haircut Katie also flaunts some waves which add up to the hair volume and ultimately complements her facial structure and various facial features.

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4. Outward Waved:

Outward waved

Katie Holmes cut down her rather long tresses in this one and went for a medium-short hairdo. This hairdo features a side parting and a touch of a bob cut; the significant difference being, the hair is curled outwards rather than inwards and this helps in adding that extra bit of volume to her hair.

5. Short Side Parted:

Short side parted

Though side parted, the parting line is a bit blurred out and this is done to achieve that tousled look which this hairstyle has. This too is one of her short hairstyles which she flaunted for many days. Even though the hairstyle is short, the layers are preserved and maintained beautifully. By looking at this hairstyle you can never tell that she has thin hair.

6. Short Messy:

Short messy

Sexiness at its peak… that is what most would say after looking at this chic hairstyle. With some fringes thrown at the front, this hairstyle is one of the most flattering short messy hairstyles any celebrity has ever donned. With her square-ish face, hairstyles like this suit her beautifully.

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7. Short Voluminous Curls:

Short voluminous curls

This is another one of her short hairstyles in which the hair length barely reaches the full length of the neck. Devoid of any hair parting line, this hairstyle features hair with prominent curls which spread out in a concave fashion with respect to the head and thereby creates such amazing voluminous proportions.

8. Braided up Do:

Braided up do

The braid in this hairstyle is styled out of medium hair as evident from the volume and size of the bun. The hair from the sides is twisted and styled into multiple braids which are then put together and styled into a bun. Some of the hair at the front is left untamed to give it a tousled look which gives this hairstyle a touch of authenticity.

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9. Beachy Hair:

Beachy hair

Want the ultimate beach look? Look no further because it can’t get better than this! With hair running all over her face, this hairstyle has to the sexiest of the lot. Just look at the texture which she has achieved with her styling, simply amazing! The layers combined with the texture, the untamed hair and the fringes they all are the ingredients for the perfect funk recipe and the result is right in front of your eyes.