Justin Bieber Surpassed Lady Gaga on Youtube

Justin Bieber Surpassed Lady Gaga on Youtube

Justin Bieber the well known American singer who has conquered the hearts of girls all over the world seems to have surpassed even Lady Gaga on Youtube as his “Baby” hit single has managed to snatch more views that Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video. Now we all thought that Lady Gaga cannot be topped but what a surprise! Justin Bieber managed to do so, at least when it comes to Youtube watches.

Justin Bieber has been discovered on Youtube and since then it seems that his fame has been constantly rising. This pop star phenomenon keeps amazing everyone with his voice and dance moves so could be witnessing the rise of the next Justin Timberlake or Usher?

Justin Bieber Surpassed Lady Gaga on Youtube

Anyway, there are a lot of “little monster” fans of Gaga so I’m sure that this is just a battle lost, not the entire war as probably Lady Gaga’s fans will fight back and bring Gaga back into the top! It is absolutely amazing how much fans can help their favorite celebrities using these promo sites and this can easily be done by just searching for your favorite video.

Nowadays celebrities are constantly trying to be inventive with their videos, trying to take things up a notch and this is exactly what Gaga managed to do. Her videos are interesting and definitely out of the patterns opposite to Justin Bieber’s who seems to be following a more “age appropriate” path which suits his music as well as personality. Both videos are hot and we just can’t wait for the fans to decide who the winner is.

However, there’s definitely more to come from both these superstars so don’t think things are going to end here! There’s more to come as these celebrities are a ticking bomb when it comes to talent and surprises so we can’t wait for the next videos to come out and enter the video watches battle!

Justin Bieber Baby Video

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