Bikini Model Kate Upton Poses for Esquire March 2020

Bikini Model Kate Upton Poses for Esquire March 2020

Since her debut on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2020, Kate Upton’s modeling career has been blooming like flowers in spring, and it seems that there are plenty more to come from the 19-year-old bombshell as the camera seems to love her. Having modelled for the Beach Bunny 2020 swimwear collection, Victoria’s Secret and with another Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover on her resume, Kate Upton decided to show once again her fabulous curves by stripping down for Esquire March 2020 issue. According to the magazine, Kate Upton is the ‘Woman We Love’, so discover the supermodel’s charm that contributed to obtaining this title.

The diva is slowly ditching her ‘Rookie of the Year’ nickname as she managed to land collaboration after collaboration, so if you’re ready to see why Ms. Upton has managed to conquer the hearts of people all over the world, take a peek at the incredible photo spread she did for Esquire, March 2020 issue.

Showing off her wild side, Ms. Upton turns towards a pair of scissors to make her outfit more comfortable and reveal her flawless skin and physique. Channelling her inner sensuality, Kate shows she’s more than comfortable in her own skin by ditching her lingerie without a drop of vulgarity as she is presented by Esquire as ‘A woman We Love’. The rising model and actress also sat down for a chat with Esquire and talks about her personality and brand new tattoo.

Her fans were quite interested to see Ms. Upton’s real personality, so no wonder that when a video of an 18 year old Kate singing and dancing on ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ surfaced the internet, the video got plenty of hits and likes. She tells Esquire that: “People want to see personality. Otherwise they make assumptions, like (describing a pair of breasts with her hands)- ‘Yeah, she’s pretty, but she’s probably a bitch.’ That’s why everyone likes the video. It’s me. It wasn’t planned for Twitter or YouTube. It’s, like, real.”

 Bikini Model Kate Upton Poses for Esquire March 2020

Apparently, Ms. Upton couldn’t resist getting inked as she opted to have a cross tattooed on the left side of her right middle finger. Kate chose the place strategically, to ensure it won’t interfere with her swimsuit modeling career. She told Esquire that: “Bikini models have to be careful.”

Kate started modelling when she was only 12 years old, but things didn’t look too promising as she didn’t meet the height requirements. She said “I was very short, actually, so casting said, ‘No, you’re too short’. But scouting a model is different — it’s not like you’re looking for the next sex bomb, the next Victoria’s Secret model. They’re looking for certain features. But I was too short and I was only 12. And then I grew.”

Good genes aren’t the only ones responsible for Kate Upton’s hot physique as she revealed that she was quite active growing up. She used to ride horses for competitions when she was olny a young girl, so as she grew up, the little equestrian turned her attention towards modeling. She said:

“I showed horses all growing up, so I was very used to missing school. I trained my own horse, in my backyard, and went to all these competitions. Every single weekend, my sister, my mom, and I went to these shows. When you’re constantly on the go, constantly looking at your ranking, trying to be number-one — always wanting to win — it’s like you don’t get out of that mindset. So suddenly my sister went to college and the horse-showing went with that, and I’m like, Okay what’s next? What’s next? I gotta keep going, I gotta keep going. And so I said, Modeling’s next.”

Check out Kate Upton’s incendiary spread in the March 2020 issue of Esquire. Photos courtesy of Esquire