Katie Holmes Covers Fairlady May 2020

Katie Holmes Covers Fairlady May 2020

Actress Katie Holmes graces the May 2020 cover of Fairlady magazine where she shows her soft side in a super stylish spread and opens up about her private life, motherhood and the rumors that have been buzzing since she and actor Tom Cruise decided to tie the knot.

The 33 year old actress looks breathtaking on the cover of the magazine where she posed with a high confidence attitude while wearing hair simple, straight that matched perfectly the natural, earth-tone makeup she opted for. Katie Holmes has never been shy to admit that family life is of the highest importance for her and she underlined her views by telling Fairlady that:

“I have three older sisters and they work their butts off. They are all very supportive of my career, but I know what’s really important is kids and family. Being a mother is the most important job in the world. When you have a child, it feels like you’re reading an Encyclopedia every day, and you’re always behind, because children grow up so fast. Suri is teaching me a lot. She’s so smart and strong… just really magical.”

Katie Holmes Covers Fairlady May 2020

Although she’s been in the spotlight since 1998, when she debuted her acting career as Joey Potter in the teen drama television series ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Katie Holmes keeps herself grounded and doesn’t take everything for granted. She tells the magazine with regards to her life that:

“I feel very lucky. I have a husband and child that I adore. I have a career I really love. I’m very grateful.”

Being in the spotlight is definitely not an easy job and Katie Holmes definitely knows this as her relationship and marriage to actor Tom Cruise has been under the microscope from day one and along time an array of rumors have hit the front pages of the tabloids. As far as how manufactured rumors about her relationship with her husband go and how they affect her, Katie Holmes says:

“There’s obviously a lot that’s been said about our relationship. The stories are not okay. It eats away at me to see someone as caring and good as Tom is, and to see how things can just get so twisted and turned around. I mean, where does it come from? It’s been heartbreaking.”

Katie Holmes Covers Fairlady May 2020

Find out more about Katie Holmes by reading her full interview in the May 2020 issue of Fairlady. Photos courtesy of Fairlady

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