Lady Gaga Terrified of Crazy Fans

Lady Gaga Terrified of Crazy Fans

Lady Gaga Terrified of Crazy Fans

The young diva indeed dived into the love and veneration of the fans. However it seems that she also have some reasons to fear as fame might bring you friends and foes at the same time. In fact Lady Gaga claimed that she asked for a more profound and efficient protection as she would like to prevent history from repeating itself as in the case of the greatest murder cases in music history and in this case she refers to John Lennon.

Indeed unfortunate accidents might happen due to various reasons, however what made Lady Gaga so concerned about her physical soundness is a fan comment which she read on the internet that claimed that some admirers would like even to die with her. Lady Gaga Terrified of Crazy Fans

As the various media sources claim her room even during the night is flooded with bodyguards who guarantee her spotless physical condition.

This paranoid reaction was indeed launched by the craze that surrounds the music diva both when it comes of internet as well as her life performances and tours around the world. Fans lose their sense of reality and might even do her harm in order to be apart of the whole realm she built up during the years.

According to Heat magazine her boyfriend, Luc Carl is not so happy about this protection: “Luc is getting a bit sick of having security around all the time. When they’re hanging out at Gaga’s place and her bodyguard is there, it kills the mood. But if she feels safer, he understands.”

The events that surrounded the death of John Lennon made her think seriously about the threats that could sneak into her apparently perfect and mesmerizing life. In fact the reputation she claimed as one of the most sought-after celebs of our times could make her the target of various controversies and gossips. This time however she is indeed worried that somebody tries to destroy her career and also ruin her life.

Various sources claimed to the media that:

“Her security team are always close by. She is becoming more and more reliant on them and won’t go anywhere alone. Her bodyguard even sits in her room as she sleeps.”

Lady Gaga Terrified of Crazy FansLady Gaga performs on NBCs Today Show

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