10 Trending Designs Of Levis Belts To Know Your Style

Levi’s is the acme of excellence, having insured since 1853, the absolute value of its creations, in the interest of its fashion lovers. Enjoy premium craftsmanship with Levi’s entire range of quality belts. Levi’s is a synonym to innovation, so every single design is unique. Levi’s visually stunning belts help stylishly structure your attire. Levi’s believes that a person’s feelings best expressed with style and fashion, so it works in-line with it. These belts continue to be a globally-recognized mainstay in every design. It is the choice of a new generation. Levi’s is the relentless pursuit of perfection, ask the man who owns one. It is a must-have in your accessories portfolio. Why celebrate an occasion when you can celebrate every day with Levi’s belts. Set out in style from work to leisure with these belts.

Fashionable Models of Levis Belts Collection for Men and Women:

Let we have to look the Top 10 Levi’s belts for gents and ladies with pictures.

1. Levi’s Reversible Belt:

Levi’s Reversible Belt

This Levi’s Reversible belt features genuine leather, adorned with the antique brass finish metal buckle, taking your feminity higher. This leather belt can be reversed to display dual styling options. It has branding on belt tip and can create an impeccable look to your formal as well as casual attire. Comes with pin and adjustable holes to give you a stylish appearance.

2. Levi’s Plaque Belt:

Levi’s Plaque Belt

Levi’s black belt gives a classy look to your favourite figure-hugging jeans. It made from full-grain leather and belt buckle Levi’s. It comes with an adjustable fit. The artistic bent of the designer is visible from the aesthetic design of the belt. The brand is renowned for its unique styling, high-level comfort, and huge variety. This visually appealing belt is highly desirable. It gives the designer appeal instantly.

3. Levi’s Canvas Belt:

Levi’s Canvas Belt

This Levi’s white belt with a metallic buckle will help to make your appearance even stylish. It defines a new definition of fashion and trends. This belt helps you match your casual mood to everyday looks. The brand is a bestseller for its belt category and is most accessible too. It maintains the dignity of high fashion that it believes in. The buckle with an embossed brand name is fascinating.

4. Levi’s 501 Belt:

Levi’s 501 Belt

This Levi’s black belt features an adjustable fit has a silver-tone buckle with 501 and brand name embossed on it. This Levi’s leather belt will stylishly structure your formal attire. The belt crafted in fine leather. It guarantees incomparable comfort and elegance, thereby is a perfect blend of tradition with modernity. Accompany it with any formal trouser to achieve that magnificent look.

5. Levi’s Brown Belt:

Levi’s Brown Belt

Levi’s brings the best style with the best attitude; this Levi’s brown belt is an example of the same. This brown belt crafted from the finest leather and silver-toned metallic buckle is known for its durability and quality, thereby widening the horizon of fashion. Levi’s knows how to keep it simple when it comes to men’s belts.

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6. Levi’s Studded Belt:

Levi’s Studded Belt

Levi’s belt made with utter attention to details using only the best quality materials. Their collection is mesmerizing, reflecting charm and sophistication. It has changed the outlook of fashion. Levi’s is much sort after brand in the world, specifically in India. This black belt crafted from fine leather with rusty finish buckle is all one require to complete that perfect classy look

7. Levi’s Braided Belt:

Levi’s Braided Belt

The unconventionality and creativity of Levi’s have helped it make a strong position for itself in the fashion market. This Levi’s brown belt comes with an adjustable fit, considering comfort with style. Belt crafted from genuine leather, and metallic silver-toned buckle best accompanied by jeans of your choice. This belt makes you stand out of the rest. Flaunt it in style and confidence.

8. Levi’s Tan Belt:

Levi’s Tan Belt

This tan belt features custom stitched loop on it with full-grained leather. Made to last for years, its quality assures durability. Enlighten your casual look with this finely crafted Levi’s tan belt. The craftsmanship employed in the making is something it differentiates it and is truly unmatched.

9. Levi’s Casual Belt:

Levi’s Casual Belt

These belts endure the test of time and trends. The dramatic collection is provoking with unmatched brilliance. These casual belts from Levi’s are classic pieces, timeless and elegantly beautiful to last forever in style. These belts are so compelling that they can elevate any outfits instantly. Belt crafted with full-grained leather with antique brass finish buckle. It enlightens your casual wardrobe.

10. Levi’s Albert Belt:

Levi’s Albert Belt

Levi’s focuses on elegance and fine materials, so high-end products are the output. This Levi’s Albert Belt is very comfortable and has the personality of its own. It is a perfect accessory to leave everyone in envy. Made from bovine genuine leather and square buckle, it comes with high durability. Every pair of jeans will need this belt.

Fascinating, striking, and phenomenal designs are the hallmarks of Levi’s. It embodies most innovative yet quirky designs. This article is all about Levi’s belts category, thereby exploring the brand’s collection through various Levi’s Belts. In this article, we have explored 10 Belt designs, best in their range, along with the material and buckle details. Levi’s is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe; Every detail is designed to add the character to your look. If you found this article fascinating and relevant, please write to us. Please add your comments and feedback, also share with others.