Tips on How to Look Taller

Tips on How to Look Taller

Are you one of those girls who dream about being only with a half inch taller? Unfortunately we can’t totally change what Mother Nature gave us, especially height. However beside wearing high heels, there are several tricks to create the illusion of being taller than we actually are.

– Posture is very important, always stand up straight – by repeating it your body will get used to it and it won’t be a great effort. At the same time it will tone your abdominal muscles. Pull your shoulders back and you’ll look thinner and taller at the same time.

– When selecting the pieces of your outfit try to create a monochromatic effect, this way you can accentuate the overall image. It will easily trick the eyes, you’ll seem more long and proportionate. A top to toe mono-colored outfit can add several inches to your height.

Tips on How to Look Taller

– Avoid horizontal lines on your clothes, it will widen your appearance, on the other hand vertical stripes will highlight the line of your body. Keep it simple, a button down shirt, pants with pin stripes are perfect choices.

– Your neck can be elongated with V-neck shirts and tops, it will also add a few inches to your torso, exposing a larger proportion of your neck can also make you taller.

– Skinny jeans or straight leg jeans are ideal for shorter women who want to look taller. It will highlight the line of your legs, moreover it will elongate it. A wide-leg pant with pinstripe can only increase the effect. If your pants are almost touching the ground then you can easily cheat with proportions, hide a heel underneath and your legs will be much longer.

– Matching your shirt or tunic with your pants is a must, in order to avoid a fashion faux-pas, don’t break the harmony of your image.

Tips on How to Look Taller

– The issue of skirts is also very important, these must have the length above knees. Extremely long skirts can reduce your height, especially when baggy. These will only make you larger but not taller. Pencil skirts are ideal for increasing height, similarly to skinny jeans these will elongate your legs. Dresses with empire waists can accentuate the distance between waist and chest.

– Heels are must haves when trying to look taller, it’s the best invention that fashion could bring in creating the illusion of height. Wear shoes with a 1,5-2 inch heels, it can be square heel, platform or wedge. Avoid flats as these will only accentuate short legs, shoes that cut across your legs as ankle boots or T-strap shoes are also inappropriate for your height. Matching the stockings to your shoes is also a great trick, this way you won’t break the line of the leg.

– Accessories also play an important role in your outfit. Wearing long earrings and necklaces is ideal to create the appropriate effect. Avoid chokers, these will only spoil your outfit.