15 Best Chiming Clock Designs With Images In India

Chiming clock designs are a rage from the past. They are vintage looking and still are much in demand. The clocks can be tall and elegant or they can be short as well. The main idea for a chiming clock is the chiming sound it makes at the strike of every hour. This reminds people of the time it is. The chiming clocks are a beautiful masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

Simple & Modern Chiming Clock Designs:

Here we enlisted 15 latest and best chiming clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Wall Chiming Clock:

Wall Chiming Clock

Here is a classic chiming wall clock that you can hang on your wall. The grand looking wooden bulova chiming clock has an analogue clock and steel chimes at the bottom. The ornately decorated wall clock is perfect for large homes and vintage styles.

2. School House Chiming Clock:

 School House Chiming Clock

A schoolhouse clock is a modern chiming clock that looks quite elegant. The octagon shaped top half of the clock is made with a wooden frame. It has a brass chime plate at the bottom. The analogue clock gives you perfect time and the clock chimes at the hour.

3. Key Wind Chime Clock:

Key Wind Chiming Clock

One of the best chiming wall clocks is the key wind type. Here you can use a key to wind the clock to the right minute. This gives you an exact time that we all need. This design clock has some stunning craftsmanship at the top. The clock is a great showpiece as well.

4. Howard Miller Mantel Chime Clock:

Mantel Chiming Clock

Apart from wall clocks, it is also a great idea to have chiming clocks that can be kept on a table or a mantle. These cute chiming mantel clocks are very popular and they last a generation. The mantel clocks can be placed anywhere and are in a curved shaped. The wooden frame of these clocks gives it a vintage look.

5. Musical Quarter Chime Clock:

Musical Quarter Chiming Clock

The most wonderful thing about old clocks is the fancy element to it. These musical chiming clock designs are just the right thing to have in your home. They are fancy and look elegant. The music chimes at the hour and this can be wound as well. It has some ornate decorations at the sides of the clock.

6. Arched Design Clock:

 Arched Design Chiming Clock

Try out this cute wooden chiming clock that looks spectacular. The arched design of this clock is really pretty. The clock has a glass case inside which the clock is placed. This looks very good on a table top as a chiming table clock. The rhythmic movement of the clock is quite precious.

7. Grandfather Chime Clock:

Grandfather Chiming Clock

One of the large chiming clocks is the grandfather chiming clock. This tall and elegant clock is made from wood. The inside of the clock is hollow and houses the chime plates. They make a grand sound at the hour. This is one of the most famous clocks from the old times.

8. Seiko Chiming Clock:

Seiko Chiming Clock

Seiko is one of the best companies that manufacture clocks. The Seiko large chiming  wall clock is the most sought after clocks that you will find. The wall hanging clocks are legendary. They are stylish and very accurate. You can choose to hang these in the hall room or the study for your convenience.

9. Curved Chime Clock:

Curved Chiming Clock

Another of the famous companies that manufacture chiming clocks is Howard Miller. These Howard Miller chiming clock designs are very pretty to look at. The craftsmanship in each of the clocks is spectacular. The details to the piece are exquisite. This particular clock is shaped like an hour glass figure.

10. Anniversary Clock:

Anniversary Clock

One of the best gifts to give someone for their anniversary is the chiming anniversary clock. This stunning piece is set in a glass chamber. The clock has chimes under it that rotate and looks very elegant. This is best given to a couple on the most important day of their life.

11. Cuckoo Chiming Clock:

Cuckoo Chiming Clock

One of the best vintage clocks is the cuckoo chiming clock. This clock is created to look like a bird’s nest. There are animals and trees that are carved out of wood. The chimes at the base are also wooden bells. The little cuckoo bird inside comes out at the strike of each hour and makes a wonderful cuckoo sound.

12. School Chime Clock:

School Chiming Clock

Here is a great looking Linden chiming clock that is placed on the school wall. This simple yet accurate clock is just right for an office space. This gives you the best time and is easy to read as well. The chimes on the clock are not too loud as to disturb.

13. Festive Chime Clocks:

Festive Chiming Clocks

Make your festive season even more bright and colourful with this Christmas chiming clock. This clock has the picture of Christmas on the inside of the clock. It chimes the wonderful carols of Christmas at the hour. This will really cheer up any person and especially be great for the kids. This clock will look great as a chiming desk clock.

14. Inlaid Chime Clock:

Inlaid Chiming Clock

A tall chiming clock is a sight to see. This grand looking inlaid clock with mahogany wood is very intricate in detail. It is more of the Edwardian era and looks spectacular and grand. This is best for a large room where the focus can be on this tall and elegant piece.

15. Carriage Chime Clock:

Carriage Chiming Clock

Try to get your hands on one of the most beautiful vintage chiming clocks. These are carriage chiming clocks that were carried while travelling. The clocks would tell the time for travellers. These come in a glass chamber and metal fittings. They are very elegant and simple in style.

Chiming clock designs are of various styles. They can be large grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, cuckoo clocks or even musical clocks. They are mostly made with a wooden frame and have a glass chamber. These clocks can be wound round to get the right time.