15 Latest Indian Gold Plated Necklace Designs

Gold is desired by every women, when it comes to necklaces made of gold. To ease out your work and help you to make better choices among the necklaces found. We have brought you the list of the top 15 gold plated necklaces that will make you look gorgeous as ever.

Traditional and Beautiful Necklace Designs with Gold Plated for Women in Trend:

Here are the best necklace designs in gold plated.

1. Perfect Occasional Wear Gold Plated Necklace:

gold plated necklace

The gold plated necklace is a beautifully designed with the multiple chains shaped golden plates on both the sides. A bigger plate of the same shape is attached in the middle. This is a beautiful and a stylish wear for your wedding parties and any big occasion. This would provide you with the best look along with your ethnic dress up and thus it is a must buy!

2. Emerald Embedded Gold Plated Necklace:

Emerald embedded gold platednecklace -2

The doubly chained long necklace has crystals embedded in the flower shapes have a bright look. It has emeralds studded on the corner sides of the necklace. The single big emerald stone in the middle of the round locket looks beautiful as well. A good option for your bright clothes, the necklace should be bought by you.

3. Thin Attractive Gold Plated Necklace:

Thin attractive gold plated necklace

The necklace with the thin with golden bead jewels linearly attached to the chain on both the sides. The locket has a heart in the gold material with beautifully curved designs on the top. Not only has this but the jewels in the differently coloured designs added on to the creative design of the necklace. The necklace is a good buy for your sober looks in the parties.

4. The Golden Beads Gold Plated Necklace:

The golden beads gold plated necklace

The golden necklace has a thin chain with the golden round jewels attached to it in the bunch in the linear fashion. The chain has the small red beads studded all over. The necklace is a short one to nicely fit the neck and give an eye catchy look in the crowd. This one is a good buy for your closet, surely!

5. Peacock Designed Gold Plated Necklace:

Peacock designed gold plated necklace

The necklace has stones designed in the peacock structure attached on both the sides and has pair of earrings with it too. A gorgeous necklace with the studs and design and the big earrings, the necklace set is a perfect to wear out to the weddings and parties.

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6. Leaflet Designed Gold Plated Necklace:

leaflet designed gold plated necklace

The necklace with the leaflet design is a sophisticated ornament. With the sleek and thin chain the leaflet design has a classy look. The petals have the matte pink colour and look classy like anything. The gold plated necklace is a perfect buy for your modern parties!

7. Coin Gold Plated Necklace:

Coin gold plated necklace

The necklace is made up of golden coins made up into a necklace slightly placed above each other to form the long curve. The necklace has no other design than this giving it a plain and creative look. Not only with the traditional wear but it can also be easily paired with the western wear. A good option for all your purposes, the necklace should be bought by you.

8. Long Casual Gold Plated Necklace:

long casual gold plated necklace

The long chained necklace with the long locket is a perfect western necklace to be worn with any dress. A casual golden plated necklace to be worn, you can buy this to wear everyday and look good.

9. Fauna Locketed Gold Plated Necklace:

Fauna locketed gold plated necklace

The necklace has a thin long golden chains with the fauna print on the locket, in novatively designed one with the tiger print on the locket and with the solid golden chain, crown print on the locket. The golden chain has a wild picture and a good option for girls with similar likes. Buy this for yourself and look cool with the chain on.

10. The Golden Alloy Gold Plated Necklace:

The golden alloy gold plated necklace

The necklace along with the pair of earrings is made up of golden alloy with the small sized pearls attached in a line in a bunch. The earrings have the single big pearl studded on it too. The necklace has an overt look because of the heavy design and is a perfect option for your occasions to wear with your sarees and suits.

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11. Heavy Designed Gold Plated Necklace:

Heavy designedgold plated necklace

The heavily designed necklace is the one for your weddings and occasions. Fully gold plated, the necklace with the pair of earrings is the best one for your south Indian wedding to make it look even more lavish. So buy this for your wedding.

12. Sukkhi Gold Plated Necklace:

Sukkhi gold plated necklace

The gold plated necklace with the golden beads beaded to form the necklace has stone designs attached to it with the hanging pearls. The design in the middle is a beautiful one with the hanging golden round jewels wrapped into golden cloth. The necklace is a beautiful one because of the Coloured stone flowers as well. Buy this for your good looks!

13. Divine Gold Plated Necklace:

Divinegold plated necklace

The necklace has the locket with the hands joining together to Symbolize a social cause as well. The symbol has white crystals studded on the hands all over and the chain has the twisted golden chain giving a creative look as well. Thus buy this for yourself!

14. Personalized Golden Plated Necklace:

Personalized golden plated necklace

The golden chain with the flat golden plate with the name personalized on it. A very casual and a cool one to be worn by you, the necklace is an awesome buy for you!

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15. Round Gold Plated Necklace:

Round gold plated necklace

The golden round necklace to be fit on your neck is an attractive one with the broad structure that it has. A very plainly designed one with the classy look it has, the necklace with the plain lines made on it, the necklace is a good option for your get together and kitty parties.

The list has endless options and would result in your endless choices as well because of the varied options it has. Choose the best that suits you.