15 Simple and Best Looking Earrings for Kids

Babies and small girls have very fragile body parts. The age of small children up to the teen is an age of fun and sport. The need of taking utmost care of earrings and type of earrings is a must for them. Though after teenage too it is sporty but they grow up enough to take care of themselves.


Doctors say infants should be pierced only after a specific age. Though parent love to pierce their little angel when she is yet not enough to understand the pain. But for the little angels you need to choose special selections of earrings that do not harm the ears and also in future it helps the kids wear easily.

Different Types of Baby Earrings Indian Jewellery:

The jewellery designer today makes kids earrings designs that attract small girls and look beautiful too. You get a variety of types of earrings not only in gold, white gold or silver, but in other artificial metals and substances. The world of jewelry consists of high range of variety of designs. Here we brings most beautiful earrings for babies that make to gift them.

1. Baby Girl Stud Earrings in Gold:


Small babies are unable to move their earrings by themselves. It is best to choose smooth surface earrings for them, so that there is no threat of clothes getting knotted with the sharp edges of earrings. Baby earrings also have special screw system at the back so that open ends do not hurt the sot skin of the babies.

Gold round stud earrings are preferred best for infant baby dolls. We can also find other shapes such as heart and flowers etc for small babies that do not hurt them. Babies should be first pieced with gold earrings only because other metals may irritate the skin and cause infections.

2. Diamond Earrings for Babies:


Diamond earrings are also one of the best choices for little girls. The spark of diamond suits best with the glow of sparkling little girls. Diamonds are a life time gift for any lady. And for daughters is a special gift from a father. The dazzling shine of a princess cut diamond earring is surely made for the little princesses.

3. Small Size Cute Earrings for Infants:


Babies should wear small size earrings so that it is easy to make them wear their cloths. Small size earrings are made for the little ones. Small flowers or balls, or little emoticons look awesome on baby girls. Small diamond earrings, small enamels in earrings also look awesome on the baby ears.

4. Dolphin Heart Earrings for Baby Girl:


Cute little dolphin heart shape earrings look amazing on small girls. The dolphins are notorious little creature loved by children and elders too. The lovely dolphin earrings look adorable when your little daughter wears it. The happiness of little dolls will surely reflect on their faces while wearing the tiny dolphin pair of earrings.

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5. Cute Flower Gold Earrings for Babies :


Cute little flower gold stud earrings are best suit for little girls too. The flower design looks adorable when worn by cute little girls. The collection in floral design earrings is also very large. Flower petals in different forms. There are plain gold flower earrings and also beautiful colored earrings with diamonds and meenakari work. But the best ones are the plain gold stud flower earrings.

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6. Screw Back Butterfly Enamel Kids Earrings:


Screw back earrings are also one of the types of earrings specially designed for kids. The back of the earrings are open that are usually worn. But the screw back earrings have screws that enclose the open edge of the gold wire that is pen at the back of the ear. The screw back earrings are designed so, that the open back does not hurt the soft skin of the kids. While these butterfly enamel earrings will look cute on little girls.

7. Clip Type Children’s Earrings:


Clip on earrings have a spring kind wire at the back that is twirled up at the back so that it does not come out easily. The main motive behind such a design is that the earrings do not slip out the ear or does not hook up with clothes. Though, the situation is sometimes faced with small kids while changing clothes.

8. Simple Baby Flower Earrings with Hoops:


Earrings with a hoop for attaching the earrings are also a good choice for little babies and small girls. The safety of not hooking with clothes or any other object becomes less in earrings with hoops. The lovely look of earrings with hoops is also beautiful.

9. Clips on Hoops For Kids Earrings:


Baby earrings with hoops look amazing on baby ears. The safety with hoops also marks highest in all earrings. The beautiful diamond studded hoop earrings look fantastic on cute babies and small girls. Hoop earrings also fix fit with the ears, so, the possibilities of earrings getting hooked elsewhere also reduces.

10. Gold Baby Lever Back  Earrings with Red Hearts:


Awesome looking red heart long earrings suit best to small girls of the age above 5 years. The beautiful earrings have lever system with the back close of the earrings that give a double safety to the earrings.

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11. Magnetic Earrings for Kids:


Magnetic earrings are very less used by people. Though there are awesome designs in magnetic earrings. The extraordinary thing about magnetic earrings is that they can be fixed without piercing a hole in the ears of babies. People believe that the magnetic power somewhat may affect the body system.

12. Hooked Dove Earrings in Silver for Babies:


Earrings with simple wire hooks that hang from the ear holes look simple and sober on little girls. The trendy look creates a lighter effect on kids. Little doves made in silver looks adorable. Kids will definitely love them.

13. Character Earrings for Kids:


Character earrings are hot favorite among children these days. Little girls love to wear their favorite character design earrings that are now easily available at fashion stores. These earrings are made in plastic or other substances that are good soothing to the skin also. Beautiful and cute looking these earrings are the latest designs loved by kids.

14. Plastic Clip on Earrings for Kids:


Plastic clip earrings are also one of the easy wear earrings kids love to wear about regularly. The plastic is hard enough to bend. They look adorable on small cute girls. The rabbit featured baby earrings would be demanded by any little girl.

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15. Quilled Baby Earrings with Paper:


Quilling art is slowly taking its place in fashion jewelry for kids and also elders. The Quilling is an art form made with colorful strips hardly quilled and transformed into beautiful jewelry designs. Kids love beautiful cartoon and floral designed quelling earrings.

Cute babies are delicate to wear large and show off earrings. So the best suiting earrings for babies and small girls are the ones that are designed small in size, with safety clips at the back like the hoops or clips. Metals also play an important role in choosing earrings for your daughters. The soft and new skin of little babies and small girls may react fast with nickel metal or other unwanted chemicals. Nickel and silver of low quality sometime react badly with skin and leave behind allergies. So better pick good quality earrings for the little ones.