15 Simple and Latest Paper Quilling Earrings Designs

In general, Earrings is such a simple word, but says a lot about you! Earrings still make a precious addition to the Women’s jewellery and of course, your choice depicts your taste! Quilling is a unique paper art where strips of colourful papers are used to create the various shape of earrings, gifts, greeting cards, handbags, etc. It can be done with almost any paper with minimal tools, if you own these precious jewels, then you want to do them justice by wearing them in a right way.

paper quilling earrings

As they are versatile, it gives an elegant look and it was deliciously designed within your home itself.

Different types of Earrings with Quilling Paper:

Here, are some cool Quilling Earrings designs along with their meanings, have been enlisted for your own ideas.

1. Peacock Paper Quilling Earrings:


Wearing the right earrings literally helps you to know what type of character you have. The shape and size of the earrings will determine how it can be worn at its best. Nowadays, Quilling earrings are most populous one that can be worn both by teenagers and kids. Wearing the above design of quilled earrings will give the traditional look for the wearers. Peacock design earrings are widely made for teen girls because of their contrasting colour combination which gives an elegant look.

2. Spiral Pattern Paper Quilling Earrings:


The primary reason to wear these paper quilling earrings is that they are simply lovable. Spiral pattern Quilled earring are made along with a stunning gold- toned stud that gives the rich and realistic look. It can be made with the eyelet designs and handcrafted with minute designs. Paper quilling earrings are really quick and easy to make with evenly shaped earrings as it generally gives the unique look for the people who worn it. Varieties of Paper Quilling earring designs are available in the market and that only can be made for the vibrant look of the persons.

3. Quilled Jhumka Earrings for Girls:


Quilling Jhumka earrings are made for the way of giving traditional and enticing look for both teenagers and also for kids. In this earring, design is combined with tiny toned gold beats with dark orange paper coiled made into an attractive ear accessory, which gives the perfect and oomph to your ensemble.

4. Paper Quilling Earrings Butterfly:


The quilled butterfly earrings are made with the design of butterfly with their wings and antennas. The handcrafted butterfly paper coils designed with black and blue contrasting colours gives ultimately the simple and stylish look when compared with other designs. In this Earring, the quilling paper is used to make the newest style;and the quilling comb method with paper is a quick way to make even shaped loops and designs inside each of the coils in the paper.

5. Paper Quilling Earrings Rose:


Paper earring designs will be quilled based on the technique of rolling the narrow strips of paper into coils which will be then arranged to form a decorative pattern. Varieties of design are available and it may also suit for the occasional and function seasons. There is no one design more feminine and pretty than these rose Quilling earrings which give the catchy look for the worn people.

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6. Salad Design Paper Earrings for Women:


Salad design quilled earrings are made up with the design of spring roll salad designs which has the coil colour in dark green with funniest creatures. The mix of green and a bit of red on these quilled earrings are bursting with festive glory. It is charming for the winter fashion and parties.

7. Petals Paper Quilling Earrings for School Girls:


Varieties of Paper earrings models are available for teen girls and women’s. The lovely petals do embellish the ears as fashion in a new way. The handmade creative petals made with some cute quilled leaves will give the different effect to this earring. This earring is made up of the soft pink colour paper coil and outlined with black colour dotted designs.

8. Crazy Cup and Saucer Earrings Design:


This cup and saucer quilling earring design is the next level of the creativity, as it gives the modern look and the cups and saucers emulate the Chinese vintage style of this craft. This design is more suitable for people as this can be worn at their work time. It can be painted with dark green and blue contrasting colours. Outside of the cup and saucer colour is painted with green and the blue colour which is used inside of the cup and saucer.

9. Quilling Earrings For Christmas:


Mixing green, brown and a bit of yellow colour on these quilled earrings will be more suitable for the seasonal time and the paper coil can be rolled by the usage of minute Quilling comb and pin, which then can be designed with perfect edge designs for an eye-catchy appearance. This will be suitable to wear at the time of Christmas season along with matching accessories of your dresses.

10. Quilling Earrings In Hoops Design:


Quilling earring in hoops design will be designed with an oval shape and decorated with tiny roll designs on the hoops. This can be made from the dark black coloured Quilling paper that gives the simple and rocking look. Make sure that wearing this earring will definitely make other people be jealous at you.

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11. Trendy Quilling Earrings for Saree:


These Quilling earrings are made with the red and white colour paper coils and highlighted with stones, which give the trendy and entice look to the earrings. This kind of earrings is suitable for any occasion and when compared with the other designs, it will give the unique glance to your ears. The outer layer of the earring is made up with red colour rolls whereas the inner layer is decorated with white colour glittered stones.

12. Grape Quilling Earrings for any Occasion:


The luscious cluster of grape quilled earrings do looks quirky yet trendy especially when designed with the five colour paper coils. There are five colour layers being used for the glorious look. This grape style Quilling earring gives the stylish look as it can be suited for your regular and occasional uses too.

13. Kitten Style Quilling Earrings Designs for Children:


Kitten style Quilling earring is made with white colour coil and a bit of black, yellow and red colour which gives the cutest look and the small kitten face used in this earring suits the school going kids perfectly. This earring can be designed with different animal face and you can wear your favourite one.

14. Quilling Earrings For Kids:


This Quilling earring is best suitable for kids and teens which give an interesting look from the people. The simple look of this earring is the only reason why most of the peoples liked it. The five colour petals of these floral earrings are quilled with contrasting colours that deliver definitely an eye-catching look.

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15. Pink Hearts Paper Quilled Earrings:


Pink hearted paper quilled earrings can be quilled with the pink and red colour paper coils. The tiny rolled coils are designed with quilled papers which give a pretty look for the wearers. Mostly, this can be purchased by teenagers and it may be a better gift for your loved ones or your partners.

One of the most outstanding features of Quilled earrings is their clear colour that makes them match catchier with everything. Although, getting this paper quilled earrings can be tempting to have your entire vintage on display all the time. Magnificent quills have multiple uses and these can be extensively used to give the distinct look to any ambiance or place and these earrings are also inexpensive in the prize. Hence, you can choose these earrings for any of your occasions.