Suptabaddhakonasana – How To Do And Benefits

Yoga is an ancient fitness expert that came into being even before the first man thought about creating a manual jungle for the body buffs to rely in. while gym mainly focused on a flat tummy, yoga wanted more than just outer physical beauty. Yoga wanted to pamper her followers with good health and peaceful mind. Maybe, that is why yoga is such a preferred genre to body fitness.

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There would once be a time when the sages would reciprocate their positivity and fitness through the sheer means of yoga and it is a sudden wave that has taken the modern nation by a storm. The sudden craze of yoga has got us trudging more and more into the yogic world and coming straight from there is one such yoga that we shall discus about today in our article. This yoga is called the Suptabaddhakosana.

How To Do It?

Don’t let the big name scare you, as this is one of the easiest yoga postures that require a little stretching here and there and a soft controlled breathing along with it. The English word for it is the reclining bound angle pose. It mainly asks you to lay down on your back folding your limbs as you do.

The main focus is stretching with natural breathing and often has been found to be a good refreshment after a tiring day with the boss.To get things started, spread your yoga mat and sit down on it. Your legs can either be crossed over one another or bent from the knees as you stretch it out, your heels meeting at the end.

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The base pose is the Padmasana or the lotus pose, where you sit with your spine straight and legs crossed. Prior to this stance, you might want to opt for a back support, a stack of cushions or quilts, anything that is soft and comfortable. For the pro yogic, a back support is not a necessity.

Now recline halfway into your back support as you stretch your legs out, bending them at the knee and making them meet at the soles. Maintaining the same lower body stance, now recline all the way into your quilt in such a way that the quilt moulds itself to your spinal bend. The back support, say your quilt, will end right underneath the shoulder.

However, go all the way until your head is resting on the support and now bring your arms all the way above your head and clasp it. This is however, not a necessary step and can be skipped by placing your arms on your side, resting and free. As you lay down in that posture, get aware of your natural breathing and then move on to deep breaths.

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How Does It Help Us?

This is an effective yoga for the all the poor souls that suffer from a bad back ache every morning. As you bend your marrow all the way down, the tension knots in your spine joints release themselves thereby creating a satisfying tinge of pleasure full pain down your spine.

This is also a good way of increasing your body’s flexibility. As you bend your legs and twist your spine to achieve this position, the rigidness in your muscle is slowly opening up and within days you would feel the slight stretch from earlier fading away.

A good digestion is either another benefit of this yoga which is mainly because of the stretching that includes your abdominal and stomach muscles that facilitate the digestion process curing you of possible acidity or gas.

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