9 Beautiful Flower Headbands For Babies And Girls

A Headband is a classical clothing accessory which serves several purposes such as preventing the contact of hair with eyes, an element of hairstyle, making a fashion statement, etc. It is mostly seen to be a feminine product. Women can wear headbands almost on all occasions, be it a party or a casual outing or sport. The most popular and commonly preferred headband is a floral headband, i.e. a floral designed headband. Be it girls or ladies or women, flower headbands are the most popular choice. Based on factors like fitting, purpose, style, etc.,

Best Flower Headbands For Babies And Girls:

Following are Top 9 types of floral headbands,

1. Fabric Flower Headbands:

Fabric Flower Headbands

Flower girl headbands made of fabric is soft on the outside and consists of flexible elastic on the inside to stretch as per the head size. Its flexibility makes it suitable for different occasions like a party or sports or casual outings, etc. The above image is a Fabric made white flower headband.

2. Hard Floral Headbands:

Hard Floral Headbands

Hard headbands having a floral design are mainly made of plastic and rarely of any other material. They provide very minimal flexibility in comparison to the fabric headbands. But they are more sturdy and durable as against the fabric ones. The above image is a hard black flower headband.

3. Embroidered Headbands:

Embroidered Headbands

An embroidered headband involves beautiful woven flower design on a headband to elevate its look. It is obvious that embroidery is possible only on fabric headbands. The above image is a red flower headband with a beautiful hand woven embroidery design.

4. Beaded Floral Headbands:

Beaded Floral Headbands

Beaded headbands are mainly flower girls headbands because the design and beads are used to provide a feminine touch to the headbands. Polished white beaded headbands are used in weddings by the bride. The above image is a white beaded floral headband worn by a bride.

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5. Head Wrap Styled Floral Headbands:

Head Wrap Styled Floral Headbands

These head wraps are the big flower headbands covering a major part of the head and are studded with a flower design. It is very beneficial as a protective gear for the forehead and hair. A head wrap is most often only suitable for a casual wear or party wear.

6. Natural Floral Headbands:

Natural Floral Headbands

A Natural flower studded headband involves the use of real flowers for headbands which give it a beautiful natural look. It is very popular among young women to be worn at wedding ceremonies or any trendy functions. The only drawback is that they are perishable within a short time frame. The above image is a beautiful headband studded with real natural flowers.

7. Printed Floral Headbands:

Printed Floral Headbands

Printed headbands have different types of beautiful prints on them. Often these are called baby flower headbands as they are mostly worn on babies. These flowers might be printed on a fabric headband or on a hard plastic headband. The above image is a printed headband worn by a cute baby.

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8. Crown Floral Headbands:

Crown Floral Headbands

It is an upgrade to a beaded or natural flower headband whereby the style of wearing is the major part of this headband. A floral crown headband is worn as a crown and maybe a beaded or floral headband. The above image is a metal design crown headband.

9. Feathered Floral Headbands:

Feathered Floral Headbands

As the name suggests, it is any style of headband accompanied by beautiful feathers. It gives the headband an elegant look. The above image is a mother & daughter wearing a feathered headband.

Thus, you might have seen that a floral headband being the most popular headband is also very beautiful in its looks. There are different types of flower headbands suitable for different purposes. If you want to go for an outdoor sport, a fabric flower headband is a good option, while if today is your wedding day, go for a crown headband.

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