9 Different Shades of Topaz Birthstones and Its Jewellery Designs

Birthstones are associated with birth months and zodiac signs. They are known to bring luck and provide inner strength to the wearer. It is believed that the origin of birthstones dates back to the plate of Aaron which is embedded with twelve birthstones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. If you are born the month of November, Topaz and Citrine are the two birthstones to bring in happiness to your life. Topaz is a yellow gem, which is the hardest of silicates. Topaz is known to provide emotional balance and calm down a chaotic mind. It is also believed that Topaz was used in the ancient times to bring in longevity and cure many ailments. In this article, we shall focus on Topaz birthstone jewellery to gift yourself some luck this birthday!

Benefits Of Topaz Birthstones and Their Colors:

Here are few types of topaz birthstones along with some basic properties they carry.

1. Blue Topaz Birthstone:

topaz birthstones

The blue topaz birthstones replicates the energy of knowledge and mind, increasing the self-confidence, concepts and ideas which lead to an urge to learn. This natural magnifier symbolizes peace, calmness in any emotions, meditation and spirituality. This healing stone carries both physical and metaphysical healing.

2. Silver Topaz Birthstone:

Silver Topaz Birthstone

The silver birthstone Topaz is capable enough to bring out consciousness on your thoughts and actions. It helps in mending any kind of mental attachments by liberating the emotions. The birthstone is widely used for making prayer mala, for meditations, repeating mantras etc. as it is a symbol of eternal peace.

3. Imperial Topaz Birthstone:

Imperial Topaz Birthstone

This topaz color birthstone is used during meditation to activate the Base, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. It can work similar to the battery and boost any individual spiritually and physically. The energy, love and thoughts of the wearer of the stone get attached to the universal forces giving positive vibes.

4. Golden Topaz Birthstone:

Golden Topaz Birthstone

The golden topaz comes with slow energies than the other Topaz stones. August is the Topaz birth month of this stone which is the best for meditation. It helps in getting in touch with the divine spirits, Archangels and Ascended masters. The stone is the best gift for ones who are willing to overcome hurdles to achieve their dream.

5. Pink Topaz:

Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz birthstones month is December. The stone symbolizes honesty, honor, openness and love. This Topaz birthstone jewelry is widely used for weddings and engagements or any such special occasion for wishing them good fortune. It dissolves the sadness and encourages true love.

6. Rutilated Topaz Birthstone:

Rutilated Topaz Birthstone

This rutile yellow topaz birthstone transmits beauty, light, inspiration and creation. These stones generally are transparent crystals, which work as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world. It inspires the Third eye chakra and improves the vision and expression of the wearer.

7. Purple Topaz Birthstone:

Purple Topaz Birthstone

The purple topaz is a lucky stone for gaining spiritual wealth. It brings the blessings of prayers and positive energies to the wearer. The purple topaz helps in firm decision making and protects against any kind of evils or negative energies. They are used in making jewelries like rings, necklace pendants etc.

8. Brown Topaz Birthstone:

Brown Topaz Birthstone

Brown Topaz is connected with stability, strength, commitment, confidence and faithfulness. The stone is also gifted for an evergreen friendship. The brown topaz is also called as the earth gem due to the healing properties it carries for the physical problems. It provides with stability in family, friends and work.

9. Fire Red Topaz Birthstone:

Fire Red Topaz Birthstone

This semi-precious gemstone is also obtained by the method of crafting. The stone is widely used in making various jewelry designs for a blemishing look. The stone is a symbol of love and affection and hence, is widely gifted by couples. It also symbolizes long lasting friendship and fidelity.

Tips To Wear Topaz Birthstones In Jewellery:

Before wearing Topaz birthstones in your jewellery, read these tips to increase the effectiveness of the stone:

  • The minimum weight of Topaz stones should at least with 3.25 carats. Higher the weight, better is its power.
  • Whether it is a ring or pendent, you must set it in gold only.
  • Topaz must always touch the skin. When placing it in a ring or a pendent, you need to ensure that the back of the stone is not covered.
  • If you are planning to wear Topaz birthstone ring, always wear it on the index finger of your right hand.
  • Before wearing it on your body, you need to dip it in raw cow milk for about 10 minutes and clean it in Gangajal.

5 Jewellery Designs To Wear Topaz:

1. Yellow Gold Solitaire Topaz Ring:

This classy November birthstone Topaz solitaire ring is set in 14k Gold. The imperial design is very elegant and looks like a ring made for the royalty. It has one big Topaz stone and a number of small stones surrounding this. The intricately done design is sure to allure many women, who want to wear Topaz with style.

2. Topaz Floral Gold Earrings:

These beautiful tall floral earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Whether you want to wear them to work or to an evening dinner date, these lovely studs are quite versatile. A central Topaz surrounded by white stones make it look like a fresh blooming flower. They are light weight and set in 14k gold.

3. Yellow Topaz Cluster Pendant:

This Victorian style inspired pendant comes with a big bright topaz surrounded with cubic zirconia stones in cluster style. Set in 14k gold, this is one of the popular designs in Topaz jewellery. It can be worn with a simple chain to highlight the heavy design of the pendant.

4. Large Yellow Topaz In Cut Work Gold Ring:

This a baroque style large Topaz ring set in 10 carat gold. The topaz is an 8 carat stone embedded in intricately cut ring. This ring is a unisex model and speaks of richness. The stone has great clarity and brilliant cuts. This is a statement piece and can replace the need for other hand jewellery.

5. Gold Topaz Bangle Bracelet:

This alluring Topaz bangle bracelet is an elegant piece of jewellery. The cushion shaped gem comes with a faceted cut and has a brilliant finish. It is a versatile model and is suitable for most outfits. This simple, yet stunning piece of bracelet bangle is one of the best in Topaz jewellery.

Topaz comes in many shades, clarity and colors. The color of the stone depends on the minerals in it. IT is important to consult a gemmologist, who has experience in studying the quality of gems. Wearing just any other stone will not do. You need to understand what suits your birth date and zodiac sign and choose accordingly. Wearing lesser carat Topaz stones might not be effective. We hope this article helped you understand how you can get your Topaz set to make the Lady luck simple upon you!