9 Indian Simple Coral Necklace Designs for Ladies

Women needs ropes and ropes designed Chain around her flawless neck and Coral designed necklace does a remarkable justice for it. Coral Jewels is the most alluring, Sophisticated organic stone which has been found during ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European Burials and continues to be the most popular gem stone till present. Coral necklace can be designed either with beautiful corals itself or necklace with gold ,diamond,silver along with corals.


Corals can be of different colors mostly preferred coral is Calcareous Corals Red (corallium rubrum), White, pale to deep Rose, Blue and Conchiolin Type in Black, Brown. Deep red corals and clear white corals are highly priced in the market.The best red corals comes from Mediterranean. The corals which are used in jewel making are hard core coral which can take high polishing.

Different Types of Coral Necklaces:

Here are the 9 Popular Coral Necklace Designs Has Been Pointed Out:

1. Simple Coral Necklace Design:


Coral by itself adds beauty to the Necklace. That’s the reason lady´s prefer wearing designed coral necklaces and it creates a antique look to it and color combination can also done to bring out the different colors in a  Coral Necklace. The necklace can either be a two strand or multiple strand of coral rope with a coral pendant or a coral stone soldered to the chain itself. Coral necklace goes very well with Simple cotton saree or a cotton Kurta. when women wears plain clothes with coral designed Necklace, she has won the eyes of everyone there!!

2. Womens Red Coral Necklace Design in Gold:


This type of necklace is a typical traditional wear jewel piece.Wearing gold jewellery during festive season is a part of Indian and blended with coral becomes more customized for traditional outfits.

Coral with Gold combination jewels mostly preferred by the 50´s age group than the younger generation and the designs are also made in way that it is apt for women above 50´s. The design of the Necklace like: coral gems placed  between the Gold necklace or a gold necklace with coral gems hanging like beads.

3. Coral Crystal Necklace:


Coral can reconnect with nature’s beauty and its wonders .With this thought combination of crystal with coral can do wonders. Since Crystals and corals brings in Spiritual support  in relation healing & inner peace and also helps in emotional stability. The glow of the crystals sublimes with the corals.

4. Coral Pearl Necklace for Girls:


As the quotes goes by Jean de la Bruyere“The rarest things in the world, next to a spirit of discernment, are diamonds and pearls.” Coral pearl combination is definitely a masterpiece. The lavishness of the pearl and the colorfulness of coral goes hand in hand. This is type of necklace recommended for party wear in a modern outfit(flared dress,lace dress) or Statement Gown.

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5. Designer Coral Diamond Necklace Design:


The name Diamond is always in “her” gift list. Diamond is considered as a sign of love!!Diamond necklace always  in demand during Wedding or festive season all over the world. The jewel makers have definitely come out with a brilliant idea of combining the two precious stones and now it has been rated as the best sold jewel nowadays. The gracious color of the coral is bought out by diamonds.

6. Red Coral Silver Necklace:


Silver is most economical metal jewellery when compared with other precious metals and preferred metals by women and also by men. Silver coral necklace is recommended for all age group. It is lightweight jewel piece. The coral stones can be embedded on the silver chain or a silver coral pattern can be made. (Eg:coral ball and silver ball pattern)

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7. Coral White Gold:


White gold is an alloy of  gold and one alloy which is white in color and as name says, silver in color with rhodium metal. White gold is one of the preferred by the youth. Since the color Gold is not a favoured color by the school and college girls. Combination of white gold and coral can also be a traditional wear.

8. Coral Enamel Necklace for Girls:


Coral Enamel most popular among all age group and its available in the market in  affordable range. In this type the corals are craved in any desired form and these carved corals are linked with colored enamel, these enamel jewel piece can also be coated with gold or white gold elements.

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9. Traditional Coral Kundan Necklace:


The last pattern of necklace is with kundan stones(known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri Jewellery). The most famous gem stone foiled with gold between  the stone and the mount. It has become one of the most Indian gem stone and in  trend. Unpolished appearance of the kundan stone mixed with coral brings out an modern outlook.

Corals are at its in  extinguishing stage due to intensive fishing. So people should by coral jewellery with this thought in mind. now a days synthetic corals are also available which will depict the same feature lie the real corals. Which can also tired by buying it.

Preservation of the coral jewellery is very important as corals are usually passes on from generation to generation. Wiping a soft clean cloth and the rising with soapy warm water is recommended.Corals should never be soaked. Storing of the coral is as important as wiping.It should be stored in soft fabric purse or in its own jewel box. Wearing of the Coral Necklace should be done after finishing with make up and adding Perfume if needed.