9 Traditional & Latest Black beads Mangalsutra Designs

As per Hindu mythology Indian ladies a yellow thread or Golden chain or black beads Chain as a Mangalsutra which represents the sign that she is married. To make a Mangalsutra in a simple yet a strong one which can be worn on a daily basis, designers introduced Black bead Mangalsutra which is traditionally worn by the southern part of the state like Andhra and Karnataka and in the northern part of India.

The Gold part of the chain represents Lord Shakti and black bead represents Lord Shiva. With that thought there Top 9 black beads mangalsutra designs listed in this article.

Beautiful and Attractive Black beads Mangalsutra Designs for Womens in Trend:

Here are the best Black beads Mangalsutra Designs.

1. Two Strand Plain Black Bead Chain with Gold pendant:

black beads mangalsutra designs

The two strand of black bead symbolizes Lord Shiva and Shakti. The center pendant which can be of Circular vati which represents Iccha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Dynann Shakti. To make it looks more like a designer wear women prefer wearing the Gold pendant.

2. Black Bead- Golden Ball Mangalsutra with Gold pendant:

Black bead- Golden Ball Mangalsutra with Gold pendant

Black bead alone makes the outlook of the chain dull and sober, to give a colorful design, designers combined black bead with golden beads alternatively or embedded black bead into the Golden bead. This makes a chain with a hook attachment.

3. Three-Row Black Bead Mangalsutra Chain:

Three-row Black bead Mangalsutra Chain

Three-row black bead Mangalsutra becomes a necklace piece which is worn mostly as a party wear. The three rows of back bead have round golden ball at the center of the three consecutive strand. The Golden beads are attached to Gold chain with a hook attachment.

4. Black Bead-Pearl-Ruby Mangalsutra Chain with Pendant:

Black bead-Pearl-Ruby Mangalsutra Chain with Pendant

In this type of design, the Pearl and ruby stone are attached to the black bead Mangalsutra. The black bead can be made of one or two strands.

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5. Thick Black Bead Chain with Lakshmi Coin Mangalsutra:

Thick Black bead Chain with Lakshmi Coin Mangalsutra

A cluster of small bead chain is formed by joining the threads of small black beads into one with an attractive centerpiece made from golden Balls and in between the Gold balls, Lakshmi Pendant coin is attached.

6. Four Row Black Bead Mangalsutra with Stone Pendant:

Four Row Black bead Mangalsutra with Stone Pendant

This type of Mangalsutra chain is commonly used as a party wear due to its delicate and extravagant outlook. The four-row chain is made from two strand black bead chain from Gold. Each strand of chain is highlighted with center American diamond Pendant.

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7. Small Black Bead Mangalsutra:

Small black bead Mangalsutra

This type of Mangalsutra is a very elegant and simple designed Chain from the Small black bead and small sized gold balls arranged in an alternative fashion. Every six or seven black beads is followed by Gold Balls. This chain has the adjustable hook.

8. Black Bead Mangalsutra Chain with Black Bead Hangings:

Black bead Mangalsutra chain with black bead Hangings

Black beads Mangalsutra designs is a simple model chain yet has much religious value making it very important for Indian ladies. With that thought, designers created simple small black bead chain with two to three black bead hanging along the side of the chain which makes its look like an anklet.

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9. Black Bead Mangalsutra Chain with Chandbali Pendant:

Black bead Mangalsutra chain with Chandabali Pendant

Chandbali pendant is a famous design model used in a small or huge pendant for a necklace piece. The necklace is highlighted with half moon crescent shaped pendant. The black bead is made simple with the two-row arrangement with the chandbali pendant in the center.

Black beads Mangalsutra designs is definitely a simple design with an elegant touch to it. The most important benefit of joining the black bead thread chain to the Gold wire is the elimination of negative vibration created in the universe. Women wearing a Mangalsutra is definitely going to boost up  families energy in a positive way.