24 Best Women’s Knee Length Dresses

Knee length dresses are sure a comfort dress. They come in as saviour during the intense summer and are light on the body. Whether floral, or a plain simple knee length skirt, they make you feel like a young girl all over again. Wearing a knee length dress means you also need to give your footwear a thought. Once done, get ready to jump and walk like your earlier days. We sure have some best ideas to give you.

But how many ideas have you on the knee-length dresses? In this article, you will get a list of top and attractive knee-length dresses. In this modern world, each and everybody wants to look fashionable and these knee length dresses help them to give the look they want. Whether it’s a one-piece knee length dress or a black knee-length dress, here are a few options.

Latest and Trendy Knee Length Dress Designs for Women with Images:

Let we have to look at the top models of knee-length dresses for ladies.

1. Knee Length Formal Dress:

a. Here is our first choice of women knee-length dresses. The A-Line scoop neck is a sleeveless knee-length formal dress. It is casual, at the same time, the appropriate for your office wear. Just in case you have a presentation, be sure to wear this and impress your clients.

b. Our next choice is the Formal Vintage Swing Rockability wear, one that is professionally appropriate and is jet black in colour. It has a V-neck and a ribbon at the waist. It looks trendy and beautiful. Pair it with appropriate stalking and footwear, to complete the look.

2. Knee Length Dresses with Sleeves:

a. Here is a pretty knee-length dress with sleeves for the day. The Luss offers a beautiful vintage dusty olive chiffon short sleeve knee-length dress that looks light on the body and is sure a comfort to wear. It has a beautiful knot on the waist and is loose-fitting.

b. The S. FLAVOR Women Casual knee-length dress offers a full-length floral dress. It has full sleeves and has an elastic in the middle. The dress offers good comfort and falls below the knees. This is something you must check out!

3. Knee Length Cocktail Dresses:

• A- Line offers another classy, and good looking beaded knee-length dress. It is has a V-neck and the skirt below is plain simple. The ash colour makes it look simple and is a good choice of a knee-length cocktail dress that you may want to take a look at.

• Here is an off-shoulder knee-length dress by A-Line. This one is a beautiful choice as a cocktail dress and the frills below gives it an impressive style looks. There is a thin strap of decoration in the waist and the upper part of the dress looks neat. Match it with the right shoe and one bangle on the hand, of matching colour.

4. Fit and Flare Dress Knee Length:

• Looking for something very simple and elegant? Zac Posen sleeveless knitted Jacquard is the one for you! It is sleeveless and the colour is appealing. Blue and white are the variants in the dress and at one look, you will understand the comfort factor it adds to the body. It adds a sense of simplicity, that is beyond imagination. Check it out.

• The red vintage dress, fit and flare is a popular one, recreated from the 1940’s. The V-cut top has small lapels and has beautiful buttons. It is slightly pleated and has an A-Line cut. The dress comes in colours like red, black and white.

5. Knee Length Casual Dresses:

• Here is a one-piece dresses knee length. It is sleeveless and the floral patterns on the dress adds a vibrant look on a hot summer day. It has a square neck and is an A-Line printed floral casual knee-length dress for any casual day.

• This one is a beautiful chiffon dress, that falls below the knees. It has a short sleeve and is inspired to give the Bohemian look. This vintage style dress will go well with a cap and will surely give you the royal ‘princess look’. Go for it!

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6. Floral Print Dress Knee Length:

• Floral print knee-length dresses never seem to go out of fashion! This floral print chiffon short sleeve dress has a mix of three or four colours and thus gives an attractive look. The tight waistline is helped by an elastic that holds the upper body fit.

• Like to shine even on a casual outing? Here is a beautiful below the knee one-piece dress that is a box pleat one. It has some eye warming colours and looks very attractive just at one look. It has a V-neck with side seam pockets and is sleeveless. Take a look at this one and we are sure you will be inspired.

7. Black Knee Length Dress:

• Black is one colour that is never boring. This knee-length dress is jet black with a netted shirt like pattern on top and a netted half sleeve hands. The down part of the dress looks like the traditional skirt and is fit to the body.

• This one is a KrikorJabotian Prom knee-length black dress. This pure party dress has a floral petal design on the front and is well above the knee. The back-side falls below the knee and is plain. It is sleeveless and has a beautiful work on the shoulder. The dress is going to surely be a show stopper for the event.

8. Party Wear One-Piece Dress Knee Length:

• Get your hands on this beautiful shade of blue for the party. The entire dress has netted material on it and is a short sleeve one. The upper part of the dress has some beadwork on it and looks elegant. The sure Cinderella-inspired dress!

• This is a burgundy-coloured one that is netted. It is a cold shoulder knee-length dress and is an A-line strapless one. This could be your party to wear or even your homecoming dress. Be sure to check this out.

9. One-piece Dresses Knee Length:


• How about a cotton one this time? This knee-length dress has floral prints and is ideal daytime wear. The colours are warm and mild, making it soothing summer wear. The cap sleeves are an added comfort.

• Here is casual wear, Jaipuri knee-length dress. It is cotton and has a mild mix of darker colours. You could choose to wear this one any casual day and is designed to provide comfort.

10. Short-Sleeve Knee Length Dress:

This bridal dress is a wonderful knee-length dress that you can wear for your wedding. The sheath dress is perfect for weddings as the high neck of the dress looks elegant. The short sleeves are scalloped lightly and this adds drama to the dress. Choose this dress as a show stopper on your most important day.

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11. Scoop Neck Dress:

This gorgeous scoop neck dress is just what you want. This party wear one piece knee-length dress is great with a gorgeous colour. The tulle dress makes it so elegant that you can wear it for formal occasions. The dress can be complemented with dull gold accessories.

12. High Low Dress:

Choose this wonderful and elegant high low dress that is a one-piece dress knee-length. The dress has leather sleeve edges. This high low dress is asymmetric and most trendy. You can get the design perfectly with the shiny leather sheath belt. Try out this trendy dress and look dashing in it.

13. Fit and Flare Dress:

Try out this below the knee dress for your next occasion. This dress in black is body fitting and then flared at the skirt. The V neck of the dress makes a figure-hugging statement. Choose butterfly sleeves for a special kind of drama in this dress.

14. High Collar Dress:

Look stunning in this black knee-length dress that has a high collar. The simple yet elegant dress has full sleeves and is flared at the skirt. The material used here is thin and this gives the dress a very free-flowing effect. Choose prints that are simple and small to give a stunning look.

15. Polyester Dress:

Choose polyester as your knee length formal dress and look gorgeous. This green dress is flared beautifully at the waist. The round neck gives you an elegant design. Choose pearls as accessories for this dress and you will be the talk of the town. The 3/4th sleeves are fitted and look gorgeous.

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16. Capelet Dress:

Try out this wonderful capelet dress that is a knee-length dress with sleeves. This design is very different and has flared sleeves. It’s a formal dress that can be worn for all occasions. The short dress is wonderful for cocktail parties and the sheath style gives you the figure-hugging statement look too.

17. Ribbon Belt Dress:

Give this knee-length cocktail dress a go and you will stand out for sure. The ribbon dress has a satin belt at the waist that is tight-fitting. The boat neck with V cut in the centre is eye-catching and this is what makes the dress elegant. You can have the flare of the skirt as full as possible. The length is perfect at knee length.

18. Embroidery Dress:

Try this embroidery below knee-length dress that is made in champagne colour. The dress has V cut at the neck and is sleeveless too. The figure-hugging dress is scalloped at the edge. The lace material used for this dress is what makes it superb and elegant.

19. One Shoulder Dress:

Choose this structured one shoulder women’s knee-length dress that complements your bold image. The dress has a daring slit in the front and the one-shoulder design makes it perfect. You will need the dress in plain colours and preferably in lighter shades so that the design is seen.

20. Knee Length Dress with Cape:

Give this wonderful knee-length dress online a go as the dress has a dramatic effect. The cape of the dress is what makes it spectacular. The dress is a body con and then the cape is attached to it. This gives it a formal look that goes well with occasions that are formal too. Go bold in this dress and make a fashion statement.

21. Lace and Tulle Dress:

Most girls will look gorgeous in this fit and flare knee-length dress that is made with lace and tulle. The lace bodice is fitted well and has lace buttons at the back. The tulle material gives a gorgeous flare at the skirt. This is accentuated with a stunning belt in satin.

22. Curved Knee Length Dress:

Try this floral knee-length dress with curved edges. The dress is a whimsical design with two layers. The tie-back dress has no sleeves and this makes it stand out. Choose this for semi-formal outings or cocktail parties. You can choose floral prints that are colourful and bright.

23. Wrap Dress:

This is a statement knee-length casual dress that is fashion-forward. The wrap dress makes a great figure-hugging statement. The long sleeves of this dress are flared the tip. Choose prints that are abstract for that extra edge. Wrap dresses are always a good item to have in your wardrobe. So go ahead and pick one up in knee-length.

24. Plaid Knee Length Dress:

Try this red plaid dress for casual workwear. The bandage dress is synched at the waist and this gives you the curves and shape that will complement your look. The bow at the edge of the waist is also a good point. So choose this dress for your office and look stunning in it.

Knee-length dresses offer a special comfort that nothing else can match or give. Most of them are inspired to give you office looks, party looks or casual home clothing. Their fabric can range from anywhere to cotton and are specifically designed for events. So, here you go! Take inspiration from our ideas and set your right foot forward to customize the dress just how you like it!