Bikinis for Body Shapes: Find the Right Swimsuit

Bikinis for Body Shapes: Find the Right Swimsuit

In case you were not aware of this until now, you have to know that there are different bikinis for different body shapes. Therefore, regardless of the way you might look, you can always choose a bikini set that will not only look good on you, but also make you look and feel amazing. Remember that you always have to choose what flatters you and not necessarily what is fashionable.

In order for you to look good in your bikini, you have to balance your top and bottom half. This way, you will look proportional and symmetrical. In turn, this will be pleasing for both your eyes and the ones of others who will start envying you for looking so good.

Houglass body shape

In case you have an hourglass figure, meaning hips that are almost or even equal in measurement to your bust, plus a nicely defined waist, you will have to look for string bikinis and halter tops that will allow you to show off your great body. If you are skinny, the classic bikini is the one for you. However, if you have a larger chest, you must find something able to offer you the support you need.

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Bikinis for Body Shapes: Find the Right Swimsuit

Triangular body shape

In case your body has a triangular shape, meaning that your hips are larger than your bust, while your waist is small, you have to choose a bikini able to offer you the coverage you need for your butt. This means that you might have to purchase separate pieces in different sizes in order for them to match the size of your bottom, but also the one of your top. If you find a bandeau bikini top that is also strapless and that you like, do not hesitate to buy it, as this type of top is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you have a small bust, you can go for padded tops or halter ones, as these can add some extra inches to your chest.

Inverted triangle body shape

If you have small hips, a large chest and wide shoulders, it means that you must look for a bikini created for inverted triangle shapes. The top you choose must have straps and an underwire. If you cannot handle an underwire, look for something with thick straps and made from a thick fabric. In addition, make sure the top you choose can provide you the coverage you need. As far as the bottom part of your bikini goes, you can choose a string one without any problems. In addition, you can also choose different colors for the two parts and this way draw attention to your bottom half.

Rectangular body shape

Finally, if you have a rectangular shaped body with broad shoulders, not a very well defined waist and proportional hips, you must try and add some curves to it. Girly bows, ruffles and ties can create the illusion of volume and at the same time draw attention to your bust and to your hips as well. Crochet and floral details could also be the answer for you. As far as the shape of the bikini is concerned, this can be a one-piece bathing suit with a belt at the middle. However, if you want a two-piece bikini, you should choose one with a side-tie bottom and with a padding top. All in all, there are different bikinis for body shapes from which you can choose whatever suits you best in order to end up looking fabulous.

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Bikinis for Body Shapes: Find the Right Swimsuit