How to Dress Sporty Chic

How to Dress Sporty Chic

Fashion is a very important aspect of our lives, or at least it should be because it helps us feel and look better as well. Dressing with good taste isn’t all about dressing elegantly, one can look stylish wearing casual outfits as well. Dressing sporty but chic requires a little bit of fashion knowledge and color coordination because you need to know what elements work together and what colors enhance your outfit.

Dressing sporty doesn’t mean dressing in a boring way. There are certain ways to make your sporty outfits look hot. Dressing sporty but chic is a solution to looking fabulous every time even when casually dressed. When you think about sporty outfits don’t think about baggy T-shirts and sweat pants. Think about a nice pair of leggings paid with a gorgeous over the thighs long T shirt, pulled back straight or curly hair and a pair of sunglasses. It doesn’t sound as band anymore does it? Fashion designers have created fabulous casual outfits meant to make you look stunning even when you’re dressed sporty. Inspire your outfits from gorgeous fashion collections of the 2020 spring summer collections from Lacoste, D&G, Blumarine, Balenciaga, Dsquared2, Alexander Wang, etc.

How to Dress Sporty Chic How to Dress Sporty Chic

Here are a few tips to help you be chic and stylish even when dressing sporty:

find a nice pair of casual pants that suit you perfectly. The pants can be a little bit loose and worn with a simple or printed T-shirt. Go for simple ones, black, white, pink or in two colors

wear sweatpants long or Capri, a nice pair of sneakers or even flip flops with a simple tank top, an over sized handbag and a scarf or a pair of sunglasses. Wear bright color sweatpants if you wish because vivid colors are popular this season

accessorize your pants or a sporty skirt with a baseball cap, a handbag and sunglasses

mix and match to create gorgeous one color or multiple toned outfits. Make sure the colors you pick blend well with each other

if you are wearing shorts wear flip flops or sneakers, just make sure that your socks are not as visible if you go for the sneakers

Keep your hair straight, curly, in a pony or a messy bun and accessorize your outfit to make it more stylish.

How to Dress Sporty Chic How to Dress Sporty Chic How to Dress Sporty Chic How to Dress Sporty Chic

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