12 Diet Foods for Constipation

Today we are going discuss about constipation. So how many of you are really suffering from it and straining to get the stool out of your body? There must be many. After reading this article half of the problems will be solved as today we are going to discuss the diet one should follow when suffering from constipation.

Before we move forward we will discuss on what constipation actually is.

It occurs when the muscle contraction in the intestine is too slow to push the stool out of the system or lack of water in the stool to soften it and move it out of the intestine. It is extremely painful, makes your stomach bloated. The main sufferers are the one drinking less water, consume low fibre and high fat diet and exercise less. Simple and necessary changes in the diet can relive you as it is of temporary nature.

Diet Foods for Constipation:

i) Fibre rich food:

As discussed earlier fibre food helps to easily pass the stool out of the system. So inculcate healthy, fibre rich diet in your regime. Some examples of fibre rich food are whole grain bread and cereal, vegetables, beans, fruits.

One should not eat all of them at a time. Eat little so that the body gets used to it and it gets effective with time.

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ii) flaxseed:

These tiny brownish seeds can do wonders in easing constipation. It is enriched in fibre. It can be sprinkled on cereal and yogurts and mixed into smoothies.

iii) Beans:

Beans are very useful in constipation as it is filled with fibre and maintains a healthy digestive system.

iv) Pineapple juice:

The more fruits you inculcate in your regime the more water your system gets and more you stay away from problems like constipation. Drink one glass daily to see effective results.

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v) whole grains:

Oatmeal, cereal are fibre rich food. Keeps your stomach full and fights with problems of constipation.

vi) Banana with warm milk:

Eat banana slowly and chew it well with a glass of warm milk. The banana should be very ripe or it may work the other way round.

vii) Avoid fattening and sugar enriched food:

Constipation is a result of over consumption of fat and sugar. Foods that cause constipation should be avoided. Candy, cookies, cheese, white bread, hard boiled eggs, chips and crackers, frozen food, cookies, unripe bananas, donuts, onion rings, fries, butter, ice-cream, red meat white rice should be cut out of the diet completely if the problem is serious.

viii) Consume plenty of water:

Hydrate your body well. Ideally one should have 10-12 glasses of water daily. In case of constipation the consumption should be increased by 4-6. Get up in the morning everyday and have 3-4 glasses of water. Practising it daily helps a lot in relieving the problem of constipation. Additionally it washes out the toxins and waste out of your body.

ix) Broccoli:

Being a food very rich in fibre it helps extremely well in dealing with the problem. Eat a bowl of boiled broccoli daily.

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x) pears:

This fruit can ease the movement of stool out of the system. One should consume one pear daily in the morning or afternoon time.

xi) Figs:

They are really rich in fibre and help a lot in combating the problem.Along with eating the above mentioned foods and following the diet one should stay away from processed foods, dairy products and alcohol. These tend to dehydrate the body and causing the stool stay and not able to move out.These necessary changes in the diet should be bought along with some regular exercise to get rid of the problem on a permanent basis. If the problem is too intense and persists even after following the diet and consuming the food products one should consult a doctor and medication should be taken.

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