How to Use Jogging for Weight Loss?

Who says for losing weight one always has to head to a good gym. Well the answer is a no. Weight depends greatly upon the amount and type of activities we do in a day. Keeping yourself in a good shape becomes very easy when one keeps themselves active in day to day life instead of being lethargic all the day.

Weight gain can be a resultant of digestive problems in the body as well as stress and lack of activities in the body.

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When we work less and sleep more our metabolic rate goes down and hence we start storing fats in the forms of belly fat and side fats in the body. So if you actually want to lose weight then firstly and most importantly you have to get out of your lazy comfort zone and start working seriously towards your goal.

Because if you are not serious about your weight gain problems then weight gain can definitely take a toll on your body and result in various diseases some as deadly as thyroid.
Cardio is considered as one of the best exercises for the body. Even sports person and excellent trainers focuses more on cardio than anything else.

Cardio involves the movement of various parts and organs of the body and hence helps us in keeping a good fit body. So today we are going to discuss on one form of cardio that is jogging

we often find young and old people jogging away in various parks all around the city in the morning. Jogging is a very healthy form of movement which helps us in burning calories in empty stomach.

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Let’s discuss the efficiency of jogging in losing weight:

1. Doesn’t require any extra equipment:

as it is a free hand body exercise we do not always need to head towards the gym to lose weight. We can even jog in our lawn, balcony, gardens or park.

2. Freehand carefree exercise:

one can perform it without giving any extra strain on various parts of the body. It can be easily performed at any point of day and results are definitely great

3. Involves the movements of all body organs:

As jogging involves the movements of entire body, it helps us in losing equal proportion of weight from various parts of the body. It keeps us in good shape because it doesn’t reduces one part too much or too less. So any individual looking for overall weight loss, jogging is a must exercise.

4. It burns fat at a wondrous rate:

well studies prove that fats burned by cardio exercises are bigger in number as compared to going on crash diets.

5. It keeps our cardiovascular system and respiratory system healthy:

apart from keeping us fit physically jogging is one form which keeps us healthy internally as well. The entire body system functions well with jogging.

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Some tips along the way:

i) Consider your weight:if a person is very out of shape and overweight jogging may not be very ideal for them as their heart rate and pulse rate may increase and affect them adversely. In addition to that jogging can also affect pressures of the body.
If you are already in a shape probably a healthy shape and wants to attain a firm and perfect figure you can always go for jogging

ii) Scheduling is very important while jogging. One should always set a time for jogging be in morning or evening and jog accordingly.

iii) Jogging at odd hours just after meals is not recommended as it may be very good for your health. After meals of a person jogs they may puke or affect their health adversely

If you are a starter than you should start jogging with 15 minutes a day and then increase it to 30 and then 45 accordingly.

jogging for weight loss