25 Latest Kitchen Cupboard Designs With Pictures In 2020

Every room in a house plays an important role and has a purpose of its own. The kitchen is the place where most cooking happens when you are not in a mood for a take out. It is also the place where there are many shelves available to store many kitchen essentials carefully. But since most of the shelves are open, they are prone to dust accumulation. What if we told you there is a simple and affordable way to facilitate your kitchen with cabinets depending on the size of the kitchen. Yes! This article provides you with a list of the best kitchen cupboard designs you can look into and decorate with a fantastic finish.

Modern Kitchen Cupboard Designs In India:

We present you with a list of 25 simple yet best kitchen cupboard designs that might make you look at your kitchen in a new light.

1. Kitchen Cupboard Designs For Small Spaces:

Kitchen Cupboard Designs For Small Spaces

If you have tiny kitchen space and yet you want to beautify it, then this is a smart design. There are an inbuilt stove and dishwasher already present, giving no scope to add cabinets downstairs. There are two double-door cabinets, one big and another includes an oven. The cupboards are unicolour since there are very few of them.

2. Kitchen Cupboard Glass Design:

Kitchen Cupboard Glass Design

This is a cupboard design that is covered with a wooden cover with fibreglass in the centre. This is perfect for people who use delicate wear for their daily use and need to see where they are. There are storage areas above the stove and on the sides that can store a wide variety of your delicate kitchen cutlery and crockery.

3. Kitchen Cupboard Sunmica Design:

Kitchen Cupboard Sunmica Design

Sunmica, in an overlay placed on the surface of your cabinet, makes your cupboards look beautiful. This wooden cabinet has handles on the top in the silver, opening, which reveals a massive storage area for all your kitchen essentials. There are also white cabinets with silver handles on the side.

4. Aluminium Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Aluminium Kitchen Cupboard Designs

This is a type of kitchen cupboard design where aluminium is used instead of wood. Foggy glass in the centre supported by thick aluminium sheets that have handles below in a push and pull form. You can store anything in these cabinets, from glassware, utensils to groceries. Since the glass is a bit foggy, only you know what is inside, and nobody else can see the insides of your cabinets.

5. L-shaped Kitchen Cupboard Design:

L Shaped Kitchen Cupboard Designs

This is a perfect option for kitchens that are in the shape of an L. These cabinets have a glossy finish made out of wood that comes in a combination of brown and white. There are cabinets under the marble platform that have handles on the top and are of push and pull type. There are cabinets at a reachable length above with see-through glass to store delicates. This kitchen also has cabinets at the top to store things that are not used in your kitchen, yet you want to save.

6. PVC Cupboard Designs For Kitchen:

Pvc Cupboard Designs For Kitchen

PVC is a material avidly used nowadays in cupboards and doors for its strength. This all-white themed kitchen has cabinets above and below made out of PVC. The lower cabinets are simple and have circular handles to open and close them. The upper cupboards have an outer cover with PVC material and have glass in the centre that can be used to store your favourite mugs or wine glasses.

7. Handleless Kitchen Cupboards:

Handleless Kitchen Cupboards

Handleless kitchens are becoming a fad these days since they provide a smooth transition from the dining area into the kitchen. One of the main features of a handleless kitchen is that there is a rail built continuously into the cabinet, making it easier for you to open them from the bottom. This is an all-white themed kitchen with glossy finished cabinets to store your stylish kitchen essentials. There are cabinets at the top and bottom for storage.

8. Bespoke Kitchen Cupboards:

Bespoke Kitchen Cupboards

Bespoke kitchen cabinets are the ones that are customized and made in order so that the cupboard meets all of your requirements. This cabinet has a specified place for drinks, snacks, bread, biscuits, and fruits and vegetables too. The whole cabinet is made out of wood and has divisions inside that fit your needs ideally.

9. White and Black Kitchen Cupboard Design:

White And Black Kitchen Cupboards Designs

This is a themed kitchen design, especially for people who like the colour black and white. The upper cabinets and part of the lower cabinets are made out of black wood with silver handles to open and close them at ease. The white cabinets are mainly in a place where there are a stove and a sink with water flow. There is also a silver rod given right under the upper cabinets making it easy for you to place your cups and spatulas.

10. Colourful Kitchen Cupboard Designs:

It is your kitchen, and the colour choice also will be yours, here is a picturesque option where the storage is minimal, and it is covered in bright colours. There is a separate platform that has a fitted tap, and some space for chopping and the opposite end has an inbuilt stove with storage cabinets above which can be opened from the sides.

11. Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Design

If you want a conventional touch to your kitchen, then these cupboards made out of timber wood give your kitchen the much needed brawny feel. There are cupboards of all sizes to store utensils, groceries. There is also storage space to store glass crockery, and there have glass doors so that you can see them. There is a hanger in the centre, giving you hooks to place things that you use daily.

12. Modern Kitchen Cupboard Designs:

Modern Kitchen Cupboard Designs

The modern cupboards alter your kitchen completely. The timber is light in colour, going with the theme of the kitchen. Cabinets covering the lower area of the kitchen area for storage of utensils, and the centre portion is left out for oven. The upper area shelves are long with an opening at the bottom, and the place is left at the centre for a chimney. There is a long thin cupboard for storing glassware.

13. Contemporary Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Contemporary Kitchen Cupboard Design

This is a U-shape contemporary cupboard design that is considered as a primary choice for a kitchen linked up with the living space. The cabinets are made out of durable fibre, black and white peninsula steel. One side of the wall has cupboards to store groceries and utensils with open table space to work in the kitchen. Another side of the wall has more storage space with a place left out for gas and oven.

14. Victorian Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Victorian Kitchen Cupboard Design

If you are into traditional designs for your home, then these Victorian-style cupboards should be your first choice. These are made out of dark brown wooden material and are placed here and there on the top for storage. There are cabinets all along with the kitchen platform with some space for oven and stove.

15. Luxurious Kitchen Cupboard Designs:

Luxurious Kitchen Cupboard Designs

If it is luxury you want in your kitchen, then the soft white wood cabinets with marble finish are the ones you cannot ignore. There are two platforms, one where there is a stove, and it has cabinets in the lower end with no design white in colour. The second platform is where you can cut veggies or use it as a dining table, and it has cabinets foot storage too. The upper area of the kitchen has cabinets with a similar design filled chimney and some space for oven. The models have a lavishing touch.

16. Classy Kitchen Cupboard Design:

This is a cabinet design for a small kitchen where all the storage space is only on one side and also has a dining area included. All the cabinets are white and have golden handles in contrast to the white. Some of the shelves are see-through with glass that displays your beautiful coffee mugs. They also have a thin wooden and ply textured finish that is done all around the cabinets.

17. Mini Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Mini Kitchen Cupboard Design

This is a style of kitchen cabinet ideal for people living in studio apartments who don’t have a place to spare. If you are a bachelor living that loves to keep everything organized, then go for it! All the contents of your kitchen are covered in the cupboard with the shelved in the front, with a place to place your utensils at the top and a hanger to place your spoons, spatulas, etc., It also has a big space for your oven and the tabletop has stove on the right side and a sink to the left.

18. Chinese Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Chinese Kitchen Cupboard Design

If you have a kitchen and dining area combined as one with a shared kitchen area, then the Chinese design for your cupboard is the one you can select. The cabinets downward are made out of wood with space in between for microwave oven, and the top has a white marble finish. The cupboards upwards have a dual fitting that comes in a combination of see-through glass doors and fibre doors. There are hangers provided to hang essentials.

19. Italian Kitchen Cupboard Designs:

Italian Kitchen Cupboard Designs

The Italian cupboards are ideal for a kitchen that has well-crafted walls. The cabinets are given glossier touch, making them look brilliant and attractive. The platform comes with an attached refrigerator and microwave. You can open up the cabinet with the help of a pull-out option given at the top of the cabinet. Unlike other cupboards, this has a glossy rosy pink colour.

20. Adjustable Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Adjustable Kitchen Cupboard Design

This is a kitchen design that has outer covers of wood but has adjustable metal inside in such a way that it has space to store the utensils of items you don’t use regularly. This helps you save more things in less space. This is best suitable for people who have many things in their kitchen but less place to store it. By imbibing this type of design, you can store double the stuff in the same area.

21. Simple Shelving Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Simple Shelving Kitchen Cupboard Design

Rather than a kitchen cabinet, this is a modular cabinet design that helps you store a large number of groceries in a tiny area. The outer space is made out of dark wood, and the inner area has a design made out of steel that adjusts appropriately when the door is closed. The partitions provided have enough space to place your essentials carefully.

22. Open Shelf Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Open Shelf Kitchen Cupboard Design

This is a perfect option for people who have less stuff in their kitchen and therefore don’t need much place to store them. The open shelves in these kitchens are apt to place the utensils that we use daily. The cabinets in the lower area have thick wooden doors with metal handles with a stone platform to put some more kitchen essentials.

23. Wine Shelf Kitchen Cupboard Design:

Wine Shelf Kitchen Cupboard Design

This is a tantalizing design that is correctly used to store wines. If you are an avid collector and a wine drinker, then you also have an interest in saving them properly. An oven is placed at the centre of the open and close cabinet. Cross-design cabinets are generally used to store vessels and wine bottles.

24. Courtyard Kitchen Cupboard Designs:

Courtyard Kitchen Cupboard Designs

If you have a garden where you grow fresh veggies, then this type of kitchen and the cabinets are perfect. With greenery all around, cooking will be so much more fun! With a stone platform, there are cabinets below made out of stainless steel that have handles on the top to pull down the cabinets. It works perfectly for a garden or a courtyard kitchen.

25. Hexagonal Kitchen Cupboard Designs:

Hexagonal Kitchen Cupboard Design

This is a type of kitchen in the shape of a hexagon topped up with marble. There are two portions of the platform, one being the stove, and the other serves as a dining area. The cabinets are there along with the shape of the hexagon that helps you store stuff, and the outer cover is made out of wood and embossed pattern.

Every part of your house needs your special touch to beautify it, the kitchen being one of them. Many of us forget about the kitchen just concentrating on the living space and bedrooms. But having a beautiful and healthy kitchen area is essential too. With the list of the top 25 kitchen cabinet designs, pick the one that suits your house and start working!