Cool Runway Makeup Trend

Cool Runway Makeup Trend

Makeup trends change every year in order to suit the new trends in fashion and this couldn’t be more in women advantage due to the fact that a variety of styles are available to experiment with. Being diverse with makeup is a must especially if you want to be admired for your incredible beauty and style. Because people are not all the same and because makeup needs to suit the facial features, skin tone, personality and so on, this diversity in makeup helps greatly allowing you to choose whichever makeup style suits you best.

The new cool runway makeup trend stood out by far from the rest of the makeup styles featured on the runway fashion presentation this spring summer season and it actually came as a breath of fresh air through the warm colorful makeup styles which dominated.

Cool Runway Makeup Trend Cool Runway Makeup Trend

It is true that a small amount of cold influences in makeup don’t hurt, and makeup artists managed to show exactly that. Maintaining a well balanced look is the key to a fabulous looking makeup so the cold accents have been placed either on the lips or the eyes.

This type of cool runway makeup is not for everyone as a great amount of confidence is needed, plus the skin tone must be able to pull off a cold makeup color. These types of color usually suit best women with a fair skin complexion, as the contrast between the cold shades and the complexion is not that great, creating a balanced effect.

Cool Runway Makeup Trend Cool Runway Makeup Trend Cool Runway Makeup Trend Cool Runway Makeup Trend

The cool accent falls on the lips with fabulous green, blue, cobalt and yellow-green lipstick shades which attract attention like a magnet. If you are looking to emphasize the eyes try to put the accent only on them similar to the fabulous makeup created for Balenciaga 2020 spring summer collection.

Make sure to underline either the eyes or the lips as applying a cold tone makeup on both at the same time will not look great so go subtle and you will look amazing. Inspire yourself from the new makeup trends, experiment and you will definitely become a source of inspiration when it comes to beauty and style yourself. Photos

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