7 Tricks to Tell Him You Like Him Without Words

7 Tricks to Tell Him You Like Him Without Words

Our gestures and body language can reveal so much about our intentions, thoughts and needs. Those who are not really masters of communication skills will have to find other solutions to transmit messages to their partners and close circles. Find out more about the secrets of flirting and dating from this brief review of 7 tricks to tell him you like him without words.

No.1 Laugh At His Jokes

Guys feel extremely flattered when girls laugh at their jokes. Being funny is one of the most precious qualities a man can have. Use your sex-appeal to attract him and don’t be afraid to show off your lovely smile or super-cute giggle. He’ll be more than grateful for this.

7 Tricks to Tell Him You Like Him Without Words

No.2 Sparkling Eyes

Try to be honestly delighted when you see your sweetie. Sparkling eyes can do magic with your relationship.

Therefore, emphasize your eyes with a tiny amount of makeup and leave the rest for nature. If you have deep feelings for this guy, you’ll definitely charm him with your alluring glimpse.

No.3 Touch Your Face and Hair

Body language is a great method to drop a few hints and create chemistry between you and your date.

In order to send an obvious sign of your serious intentions, touch your hair and face more times during the discussion. If you’re cutie is a master of flirting, he’ll know that this suggests the green way to happiness.

No.4 Pass A Note During A Meeting At A Crowded Bar

These cute messages can turn out to be your secret weapons to charm him. If you don’t want to talk to that cutie, make sure you get creative and send him a short note about a thing that means something to both of you (e.g. joke, remark or funny lines).

No.5 ‘Like’ His Posts on Facebook

There’s no need to leave any comment, if there’s something between you, he’ll definitely appreciate the fact that you’re reading his thoughts and posts. A ‘like’ will be enough to make him remember you.

No.6 Look Him In The Eye When He Speaks

Attention can be extremely flattering. Therefore, make sure you keep the eye contact when he tells you a story. Skip folding your arms or losing eye contact. These are all signs of your indifference.

No.7 Wear Clothes or Accessories He Said Were Pretty Cute

This is one of the obvious signs he will definitely understand. Wear colors he considers attractive and other style items that offer him a sight-pampering experience. Pay special attention to what he said about his favorite outfits on girls.

7 Tricks to Tell Him You Like Him Without Words