Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

The new season is all about beauty and freshness as far as beauty goes and it seems that renowned fashion designer Anna Sui has turned towards fresh, hypnotic colors for her spring 2020 makeup collection titled Rose Fairy.

The name of the collection suggests the inspiration which stood behind this lovely mystical style collection and it’s no surprise there as the buzzword when it comes to makeup this spring summer 2020 is flower details. Gardens of flowers and especially roses seem to have acted as a muse for most beauty brands and Anna Sui is one of the brands which turned to flowers to celebrate beauty this upcoming season. Featuring amazing 3D floral patterns and motifs, the new makeup collection signed by the talented fashion and beauty designer mesmerizes from first glimpse. An array of sensual colors which collaborate to bring a delightful, mystical freshness to the complexion makes the delice of the collection, so check out Anna Sui’s Rose Fairy collection and pick your new season favorites.

Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color Blush has become a definite must have component of makeup as the product’s ability to define the facial features is unmatchable. Anna Sui brings six fabulous blush shades infused with tea rose extract for an amazing glossy, fairytale-like effect. The 3D rose pattern imprinted on the pressed powder texture emphasizes the feminine, luxurious stye of the collection while the mix of pastel hues helps create that fresh-vibe which conquers from first glimpse. The sheer pearled effect given by the product’s texture creates an unforgettable effect, so take a peek at the following shades and pick your best beauty enhancer:

100 Mystic Rose – bright blue/lavender/silver mix

300 Romantic Rose – pink tone mix

301 Dreamy Rose – pink and orange tone mix

400 Anna Rose – lovely mix of brights and dusty reds and pinks

500 Antique – reddish brown and warm beige tone mix

600 Sunny Rose – bright orange/pinkish peach/champagne mix

Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Anna Sui Double Lip Gloss Pucker-up your lips with Anna Sui’s new limited edition lip gloss for a double color and double fun. One end features a pearled sheer color while the other end features a different applicator and a different color, more intense rouge, so you can mix, match and adapt the color to suit your style from day to evening. Choose your favorite from the following shades:

01 Sensual Rose featuring cherry red rouge and pearl pink gloss

02 Seductive Rose featuring pink rose rouge and pearly white gloss

03 Prismatic Rose features fresh orange rouge and pearly sheer yellow gloss

Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner Give your eyes a bold definition using Anna Sui’s newest eyeliners which deliver high pigmented colors with precision stokes. The strong sebum/water resistant formula ensures your makeup will be smudge-free, so pick your best match from the following hues:




Anna Sui Cheek Brush create a flawless cheek definition using Anna Sui’s easy to use concealable blush brush which features a fun carry along trademark print pattern.

Anna Sui Rose Fairy Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

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