Hair Glaze Treatment Basics

Hair Glaze Treatment Basics

The hair care industry abounds in hair treatments that promise to deliver superior results and get us closer to our desired look. One of the relatively recent hair treatments that promises to deliver a beautiful sheen is hair glaze, which can work for any hair type. Although hair glazes are often referred to as hair glosses, there is a slight difference between the two concepts. A gloss actually penetrates the hair cuticle and lasts for two to four weeks. A glaze, however, is simply coating the hair shaft and, as a result, it lasts less, usually only about a week or two.

Because even companies use the two terms interchangeably, selecting the right product for your needs can be quite a challenge. However, thinking about the results you plan on getting is a good place to start. If you are only looking for product that will add a gentle sheen to your locks, one of the safest choices is opting for clear glazes or glosses. On the other hand, if enhancing the color of your dyed tresses and making them more vibrant is your main concern, then a gloss or glaze with an appropriate semi-permanent color is probably the best choice.

Hair Glaze Treatment Basics Hair Glaze Treatment Basics

Hair glazes can be applied either at home or at the salon. Although both options can work well, it might be useful to know that hair glazes that are meant to be used at home can have a higher concentration of peroxide or other lightening agents than those used in professional salons.

Therefore, applying hair glazes at home might leave the hair drier than those applied in the salon. Sticking with clear glazes if you prefer home treatments can be a safe alternative.

Although the color boosting and shine enhancing properties of hair glazes are undoubtedly impressive, analyzing a few possible drawbacks is also important in order to be able to make an informed decision.

Tinted color glazes can stain the scalp, the skin and/or the hair cuticle if used incorrectly. Also, like in the case of most products, certain ingredients might cause irritations. However, testing the product on a less visible hair strand can greatly reduce or even eliminate this risk.

Although hair glazes can extend the life of a permanent hair color significantly, it is recommended to be careful when it comes to using this hair treatment. When using tinted hair glazes, one effect might be more noticeable than another, depending on the health of the hair. If you have a light hair shade, the colored tones will be more obvious compared to darker tones. The shine effect is generally more noticeable on darker shades.

The consistency of hair glazes might also be viewed as a slight disadvantage by those who have fine hair. The thick consistency can weight down the hair or even make it appear somewhat oily. However, this relatively trivial setback can be overcame by using volume boosting products.

As far as the application of hair glazes is concerned, it should be mentioned that it can vary depending on the brand chosen. Generally, however, hair glazes are applied on wet hair and left on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing them off. Hair glazes which are heat activated are also available. All in all, hair glazes can be a wonderful option you may use to enhance the beauty of your locks, if you make the right choice by keeping few important aspects in mind before making a purchase.

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