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Body Language Signs to Let Him Known You’re Interested

Body Language Signs to Let Him Known You’re Interested

Once you start to decipher the vast world of body language, you’ll discover an entire new world that can just fascinate you. Human are very complex and don’t rely only on words to express themselves; body language too is something that can definitely let you know a lot before the other even says a word.

If you find yourself interested in a guy, but don’t know how to get his attention, you can turn to body language signs to let him know you’re interested. There are numerous signals that you can send and test the terrain without looking like you’re making the first move or without having to look desperate.

Body Language Signs to Let Him Known You’re Interested

Flipping your hair Hair has plenty to do with sex appeal and using it to grab a person’s attention is definitely worth a try. The movie scenes where girls are caught in slow motion while flipping their long locks gently over their shoulders are always memorable. Playing with your hair is a body language sign that you can always resort to if you want to capture a guy’s attention, but keep in mind that doing it too obviously or too often can be a bit annoying, so don’t push it. Gentle strokes through your hair or flipping the hair over your shoulder are considered sexy and will get you the attention you’re looking for if you do it right.

Mysterious glimpses Eye contact is very important if you want to send various signals and flirting by taking a glance at him, looking him straight in the eyes, after which you innocently turn your look away while subtly smiling will surely grab his attention and send him a message that you’re interested. You can also opt to look straight into his eyes and wait for him to send you some signals, but this might be a bit risqué as certain men are intimidated by this. Keep in mind that if you do it wrong and you stare, you might end-up looking like a stalker.

Licking your lips Nothing sends a clearer message that you’re interested than licking your lips. This gesture is considered very sexy but only if done right. You could find yourself doing it unconsciously, but if you want to do it right, then make sure you softly swipe the tip of your tongue along your lips. Don’t do this gesture too much as this can backfire and you’ll end-up looking weird.

Gentle touches If you want to let him know you’re interested and you find yourself chatting, gentle touches on his arm or subtly leaning towards him can send him the right message. Touching and leaning towards him is a sign of acceptance and this way you’ll let him know you’re comfortable around him. However, don’t overdo it as you don’t want to look like you can’t keep your hands off him. Touching him once or twice is enough to send your message.

Body Language Signs to Let Him Known You’re Interested

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