Grow Nails Fast: Natural Oils for Nail Growth

Grow Nails Fast: Natural Oils for Nail Growth

Fingernails and toes usually grow 1/8 inch per month, but they also do it faster in warm weather. If you want to grow nails fast, you can help them in different ways with the right diet and by using the best natural oils for nail growth.

How to Grow Nails Fast

While there are no confirmed ways to actually grow nails faster, you have plenty of options to increase their moisture and strength, eliminating any obstacles that might slow down their natural growth rate.

Proper nail care helps and so do certain natural oils which you can use at home in a simple and quick way.

Grow Nails Fast: Natural Oils for Nail Growth

Best Oils to Grown Nails Faster

Before purchasing cosmetic products that promise to grow nails fast, try a few simple solutions, natural oils you can easily use at home.

Mixing olive oil and lemon juice is the simplest homemade recipe to grow nails naturally. Use 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 10 drops of lemon juice to create a homemade cuticle oil that can also be applied on the entire nail every other day.

Other oils that are great for your nail, but can also be used for your hair and skin include almond oil, flax seed oil, castor oil, pumpkin seed oil, amla oil and argan oil. Jojoba oil and coconut oil have effects and help grow nails faster.

Vitamin E is also a great choice for your nails. Rub the oil from the capsules on your nails every day and you’ll see results in no time, both in stronger nails and a faster pace of growing.

Essential oils that can help grow nails faster include tea tree, lavender, evening primrose, horsetail (Equisetum arvense) and sandalwood or patchouli.

You can use any oil on its own to grow nails fast or mix them up for better results and a more pleasant scent.

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Grow Nails Fast: Natural Oils for Nail Growth

Diet Tips to Grow Nails Naturally

Nails are made from multiple layers of keratin, a protein that depends on a healthy diet. Diet supplements for nail growth are effective if they contain biotin, a part of the vitamin B complex that works best in conjunction with vitamin B12.

Eating more protein is the most important diet to grow nails naturally and you can get quality protein with less fat from poultry and eggs. Leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts also contain important protein used by your body to produce keratin.

Make sure you also get plenty of vitamin C in your diet to grow nails fast, but help them out even more with the proper care and natural oils for quick nail growth.

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