How to Find the Best Fragrance

How to Find the Best Fragrance

It’s scientifically proved: the perfume that we wear on our skin, reveals more things about us to the people around us, than we could imagine. You want to be sure that you are transmitting the proper message?

83% of women pulverize a bit of perfume in the cleavage or on the interior of their thighs.

49% says that their partners at least once asked to wear a certain perfume.

53% of women have more then 4 different perfumes.

66% of them are still searching the perfect perfume.

Whatever may be the weapons from your seduction-arsenal, some perfumes can advantage or, on the contrary, they can blur successful. The question is: the proper perfume can help a male to drag the fairest conclusions about you? So, if your personality harmonizes with the message which you’re transmitting by the fragrances you wear, the signals can be better understood.

How to Find the Best Fragrance

Here are some tips on how can you match the perfume with your personality!

PLAYFULWeapons of seduction: The fascinating smile and the catching laugh are just two defining touches.

Most sensual fragrances: Perfumes with fruit flavors, fresh ones. Succulent flavors of forest fruits or peaches emanate high spirits and joy – a very attractive touch.

How to wear it: Pulverize just on the neck and breast.

ALLURINGWeapons of seduction: You’re a daring woman, who doesn’t expect from men to make first moves, you’re the type which adore to initiate flirts and to hold the control.

Most sensual fragrances: Search for perfumes with spicy, oriental fragrances. People associate spicy fragrances with strong and seductive persons. The essences must be strong: nutmeg, musk, patchouli – they’re sexy and mysterious.

How to wear it: One drop to the belly zone, one to cleavage and another to the interior of thighs.

How to Find the Best Fragrance

ROMANTICWeapons of seduction: You like anything which includes rose petals, slow music and a lot of candles.

Most sensual fragrances: Floral notes like rose, lily or gardenia are associated with romance, femininity and frailness. A lot of men appreciate these, how you like these fragrances too.

How to wear it: Pulverize a bit of perfume on the zone where the pulls is high: articulation of hands, behind the ears and knees.

NATURALWeapons of seduction: You’re not the type of cute little girl, but neither the youngster’s. Men are disarmed of your naturalness.

Most sensual fragrances: The clear, clean, the type of “I just came out of under the shower” matches you the best.

These are sending signals of freshness and health – these are founded very attractive by men. Search for natural notes of lemon, aromatic herbs, lavender.

How to wear it: For a subtle and natural effect, pulverize the perfume in the air, then pass through the vapor-cloud, or use a perfumed body lotion.

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