How to Look Good in Humid Weather

How to Look Good in Humid Weather

Summer is the perfect time to strut your toned body and dress in cute, skin baring outfits. Summer is also that time of the year when even the most intricate and well-done makeup may start melting.

During a hot summer, there’s a general rule you should always keep in mind to get a good makeup for humid weather: go for as little makeup as possible, since now less is definitely more!

Some of the makeup summer must haves during hot weather include primers, moisturizers, foundations, mascaras, and lipsticks or lip glosses. But remember: it is very important that your high humidity makeup products are waterproof and non-creamy.

Best Moisturizer for Humid Weather

The best moisturizer for humid weather is definitely one that provides SPF protection, and has a mattifying effect. You may also go for a tanning moisturizer, especially at the beginning of summer. That way, you will get the delicious summer glow you are looking for in no time and will prevent potential sunburns more effectively.

Try the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream from The Body Shop, and the Anti Wrinkle & Anti Brown Spots Face Cream SPF 15 from Lierac, that will moisturize and protect your skin effectively during a hot summer day.

How to Look Good in Humid Weather

Best Primer for Hot Humid Weather

The best primer during a hot, humid summer is lightweight and holds your makeup in place throughout the entire day! Apply primer after carefully moisturizing your face and neck.

Best Foundation for Hot Humid Weather

The best foundation to wear in humidity is sheer, as well as mattifying. Remember to apply only a small amount of foundation during a humid summer day so that you allow your skin to breathe, i.e. prevent clogged pores. Furthermore, applying as little foundation as possible ensures you won’t get a dreadful creamy look.

You can’t go wrong with Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Liquid Foundation SPF 26, nor with Perfection Lumiere from Chanel, both lightweight and mattifying.

How to Look Good in Humid Weather

Best Mascara for Humid Weather

There are no other conditions for a mascara for humid weather than to be waterproof. And if you’re looking for a fun summer look, dare to stray away from black mascara and go for colorful ones in shades of blue, green, and even gold.

Best Lipstick for Hot Humid Weather

Avoid sticky lipsticks and lip glosses during hot, humid weather. Instead, go for powdery or balmy textures, always choosing top quality makeup products.

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