Nubar Spring Garden Nail Polish Collection 2020

Nubar Spring Garden Nail Polish Collection 2020

Nubar Spring Garden Nail Polish Collection 2020

Everyone loves a high-quality nail polish which could be the perfect weapon to achieve a fabulous manicure. Nubar has yet again created a nail polish collection which combines the natural beauty of the regenerated nature with the grace of pastels. Nubar’s spring 2020 nail polish collection is simply titled Spring Garden, and the colors definitely take you to a dreamy journey on fields filled with flowers and fresh grass. The collection is definitely a must-try if you’re all about sheer colors.

In order to promote the beauty of your hands and nails, you don’t have to turn towards highly pigmented nail polishes, you can also promote natural beauty through soft, sheer colors that please the eyes and instantly illuminate the skin. The nail polish colors featured in Nubar’s Spring Garden nail polish collection can definitely enhance the beauty of your nails and the 9 amazing shades featured in the collection can help you create a myriad of fabulous nail art designs. Go simple using one single nail varnish at a time, or go bold and create sophisticated nail designs that suit your style perfectly.

Nubar Spring Garden Nail Polish Collection 2020

Naturalness is highly promoted this spring summer 2020 season, so Nubar has made its target to offer women nail care products which not only emphasize beauty, but prevent nail damage. Nubar’s nail polishes are free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, ingredients which are not too gentle on your nails, so you’ll be able to keep your nails looking fabulous without exposing them to harsh cosmetic ingredients.

You can find the nail polishes in the following hues:

Pink Lilly – a soft creamy pink

Eastern – a lovely creamy-violet gray

Baby Sprout – a super soft pastel green

Blue Hydrangea – an adorable pastel blue

White Peony – a creamy ivory

Yellow Primrose – a soft pale yellow

Purple Aster – a creamy soft purple

Honeysuckle – a lovely coral- pink hue

Dewdrop – a fine glittery to coat

Use the nail polishes simple or glam them up using the shimmery top coat, depending on occasion and personal preference. Experiment with different colors and nail polish designs for fabulous hands!