Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

The new season seems to have inspired Lancome in their creation process as the label has drawn inspiration from the beauty of roses, specifically the rose garden of Armand Petijean, Lancome’s founder. The title for the collection ‘Roseraie des Delices’ describes perfectly the collection which accentuates the beauty of pastel shades.

With the softness and the delicacy of a rose, the makeup products can emphasize your features and give you a perfect day to evening radiant look that will mesmerize from first glimpse. The texture and soft pastels match almost all skin tones, so if you’re looking to obtain a natural yet ultra seductive look this new season, turn towards the help of Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ spring 2020 makeup collection.

The collection features hues that compliment the skin tone, rose inspired colors such as green, soft rose and soft orange. The shimmery textures illuminate the complexion, giving it a more refined look, a more glamorous finish. Beautify yourself from head to toe with the following ‘Roseraie des Delices’ products:

Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

La Roseraie Blush Palette Give your complexion the warmth and radiance of a rose petal with the La Roseraie Blush Palette. The blush features a mix of soft shimmery pink and peach, a color combo capable of giving a warm and sexy finish to any complexion tone. The 3D rose graphic design imprinted on the powder underlines the elegance of the collection, ensuring you’re putting on makeup with style.

Les Yeux Doux Palette Give your eyes a boost of radiance with the soft hues contained in the two eye makeup quads featured in the collection. The gradient palette features either green or pink shades infused with soft shimmer for a spectacular look. Choose from:

Vert Tendresse – ombre green

Rose Romance – ombre rose

Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

French Touch Absolu Lipstick Give your lips the seductive allure of a rose petal using the new French Touch Absolu Lipstick hues. The creamy formula glides on the lips covering it like velvet and the soft, creamy coloration will give them the perfect color to seduce. The following hues are featured:

Rose Candy – radiant fuchsia

Cotton Candy – soft pink cotton candy

Sweet Marmalade – tangerine

Color Fever Gloss Wear the gloss on your bare lips or over your favorite lip color to achieve a natural or frosted result depending on your gloss option. Choose from the following hues:

Green Petal

Tangerine Petal

Rose Petal

Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Lancome ‘Roseraie des Delices’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Lancome Le Vernis Don’t forget the importance of pretty polished nails and opt for some of the hottest hues of the season, pastel hues that compliment any outfit and skin tone. Choose from:

Green Almond

Rose Tangerine

Rose Macaroon