Preconception Tips – Get Ready for Pregnancy

Preconception Tips – Get Ready for Pregnancy

Perhaps you are wondering whether now is the right time to start a family? Or maybe you are already actively trying? Surely you thought if you’re ready or not to become a mother. The impact a baby has in one’s life is huge, so it’s perfectly fine to have all these dilemmas. If you have decided it’s time to start your family, here’s some things you should consider:

Improving your diet

Nutrition is crucial anytime. Now more than ever, proper nutrition is essential. It’s time to eat healthy: three meals a day, lots of vegetables, fruits, plenty of milk, nuts, hole grains, and fortified bread and cereals.

Three of the most important nutrients for a healthy pregnancy are calcium, iron and folic acid, and taking multivitamin tablets will ensure that you get enough of everything you need for you and your baby.

Preconception Tips – Get Ready for Pregnancy

Start taking vitamin supplements

At the top of that list is folic acid which is vitamin B that help preventing neural tube defects in developing babies. Your GP will surely recommend a vitamin supplement for you.

Eliminate environmental dangers and stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs

Study after study has shown that all three of these bad habits are connected to miscarriage, low-birth-weight babies, and premature birth.

Also, you may consider what your daily routine involves and see if you can come up with ways to avoid or eliminate hazards in your workplace.

Stop using contraception

Some doctors think you should wait a few months after you’ve stopped taking pills before trying to get pregnant, because your cycle may need some time to return to normal. However, the usual advice is to start trying once you’ve had one normal period after you stop taking the pill. Besides all that, there are some questions remaining to be answered:

Are you both equally committed to becoming parents? Are you prepared for the possibility that your child may have special needs?Have you thought about how becoming parents may change you and your relationships with those closest to you? Have you thought through how you’ll handle childcare responsibilities and balancing work and family? If your answer is yes, ready, steady, go!

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