New Bobbed Hairstyles with Pictures

This season, celebs and socialites are giving the classic cut their own unique twist.

We give you some hints for tressing your best at any age. How will you make the look your own?

Tapered Bobbed

A conservative cut paired with a more daring haircolor lets you look hip and current without looking like you’re trying too hard to be a teenager. The lines on this chin-lenght bob are clean and classic, but the deep red color added to the darker base punches the trend-factor up a notch or two.

Asymmetrical Blunt

Plenty of young girls with fine, straight hair let their locks stretch down well below their shoulders. Instead of following the crowd, make your own mark with a shorter cut that still affords you tons of styling options.

A sleek bob can be parted in different effects – this side-parted version is sassy and sweet.