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Pregnancy Workout – Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Workout – Prenatal Yoga

Simone de Beauvoir once said ‘One is not born, but rather becomes a woman.’ I guess it’s the same way about pregnancy, you become aware and open your eyes and your mind to a bunch of experiences you’d never thought you’d live. Beside all the usual things everybody knows already (or should know about preparing for motherhood), prenatal yoga is the new “hot” thing to do.

Whether you’re new to yoga or already an experienced practitioner, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while pregnant. Yoga is known for its therapeutic benefits. You feel better, stronger yet more relaxed, and this strong and relaxed effect carries over to your mental state as well. Because your body changes everyday while you’re pregnant, the yoga exercises will change too, adapting to your needs.

Pregnancy Workout – Prenatal Yoga

Breathing and relaxation techniques – here’s what’s recommended for pregnant women – they will help you during the labor, and they’ll also help you during the pregnancy.

Everything will be safe and beneficial both for you and your baby. A relaxing hormone is preparing your body to give birth, your flexibility is different while pregnant.

In your first trimester, exercises that include lying on your back will work, but during your second and third trimesters, these should be avoided. You probably don’t have many restrictions this early in your pregnancy, but remember to follow some rules for a safe pregnancy such as drinking lots of water before, during, and after exercising to keep your body hydrated. Breathe deeply and regularly as you stretch. Many pregnant women talk about prenatal yoga exercises with a lots of enthusiasm. It’s a great way to meet other pregnant women, to become a part of the community. It’s a great way to prepare for your future experience – giving birth to a child.

Yoga is the ideal way to stay in shape during your pregnancy, keeping you in a great state of mind. The healthier the mother, the happier the child!

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