The Unwritten Rules of Relationships

The Unwritten Rules of Relationships

Being yourself is extremely important for a successful relationship, but sometimes it might be better to hold back a bit if that means going against the unwritten rules of relationships.

Check out the unspoken rules that you should always try to follow in your relationship, if you want to turn it into a happy lifelong commitment. While not every rule is a dealbreaker, many of them can help you preserve the foundation of your relationship and keep you both happy.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

Being open to compromise is a must, but not every little detail has to be analyzed. If your guy isn’t the most organized man in the world, you shouldn’t turn yourself into a nag, and expect him to get everything right all the time. Choosing your battles for things that are really important versus things you can live with is a big deal. Inject too much negativity through constant conflict and you’re risking your relationship.

Don’t Try to Turn Him Against His Family

Accepting his family and friends is definitely one of the most important unwritten rules of relationships. As long as they’re not actually harmful to him or trying to sabotage your relationship, trying to get them out of his life won’t end well. Even if he’s venting about them to you, show empathy without piling on.

The Unwritten Rules of Relationships

Guard Your Privacy

Intimacy is a very important part of your relationship, so keeping a lot of things private is a must, whether you’re talking to your friends about your partner or posting on social media. Set some ground rules about your privacy as a couple and stick to them. If you don’t, there’s a big chance he’ll feel betrayed by your sharing.

Stay Away from Ultimatums

Keeping conflict contained is the right way to go. Escalating it to ultimatums and threats can be really damaging in the long run, and that’s one of the unwritten rules of relationships. Deal with your anger without going too far, because some things cannot be unsaid.

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Don’t Treat Him Like a Therapist

Talking about the good and the bad can strengthen a relationship, but when you’re dealing with trouble in your life that he can’t fix, you shouldn’t keep discussing them with your guy. Your partner can be a sounding board for your hopes and dreams, but if you constantly subject him to your negative thoughts, your emotional connection can suffer.

Avoid Opening Old Arguments

Many people have the same fights over the same things, and they wouldn’t describe their relationship as a happy one. One of the unwritten rules of relationships is to learn to let go of conflict once it’s solved. Bringing up what the other did wrong a few years ago every time you get angry is not a good idea and it will affect the foundation of your relationship.

Never Hit Below the Belt

You should never stop respecting your partner, not even in the most heated arguments. If you use his weaknesses against him or really go to town with name calling, you’re creating a wall between the two of you. Fight fair and don’t ever use things he shared in confidence with you against him just because you’re mad and you want to hurt him.

The Unwritten Rules of Relationships

Keep Your Crushes to Yourself

One of the most important unwritten rules of relationships is to never discuss a crush you might have with your partner. If you can’t stop it in its tracks, just ride it out, but keep it to yourself. It’s natural to find other people attractive, but your man doesn’t need to hear it, and it will only make him feel jealous or insecure.

Be Affectionate Every Day

Physical affection is one of the basic ways in which you can keep the flame going. Even when you’re both really tired, find a few moments to cuddle or to hug. A touch can say a lot. Without it, you’ll only grow apart.

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Safeguard the Trust

Violating your partner’s trust, even in a small way, is always a mistake. One of the unwritten rules of relationships is to cultivate your trust and take that connection seriously. If you lie to make yourself look better or to cover up for mistakes and you get caught, you’re doing a great disservice to your relationship.

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