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Fat Round Face Hairstyles for Women

Fat Round Face Hairstyles for Women

Though there are lots of hairstyles out there, not all of them are meant for your round/chubby/”fat” face shape; in fact if you choose wrong, it could mean all the difference between a flattering new style and a hair disaster.

The main feature of a round face is the circular shape that is wide and long and usually characterized by a round chin and also a round hairline.

When choosing a hairstyle, your goal is to minimize the roundness of your face – to elongate it.

If you have a double chin, keep the hair around your face above chin level to draw the eyes upwards. The back may be grown a little longer.

One instant trick is to lift up hair at the crown by back-combing sections and spray at the roots. This will create the illusion of a more narrow face.

Keep in mind you want to find a style that you enjoy. There is no point choosing “the perfect style” if it is impossible to maintain, it feels unnatural, or you just don’t like wearing it.

Fat Round Face Hairstyles for WomenFat Round Face Hairstyles for Women

Short Haircuts

There are many short hairstyles that would look great on you. The key is to add height and volume at the top of the head – this way the face will appear longer and slimmer. Also, opt for layers throughout the hair to remove bulk and weight from the sides. Keep the sides close to the face and promote height at the crown.

Be careful with short bob haircuts – your face can look rounder with a bob that falls right to your chin, especially if you were also blessed with a short neck. A few textured layers can really make this cut work.

A short neck can also be elongated by short hairstyles – but make sure it’s a style that gives height and sweeps off the face.

Fat Round Face Hairstyles for WomenFat Round Face Hairstyles for Women

Medium Haircuts

The layered shag is a great shape for a round face – it provides the right amount of length under the chin, frames and shapes the face beautifully. But the greatest thing about this cut is its universality – it works great whether your hair is thick or fine, curly or straight.

It’s best to avoid simple and straight hairstyles with full, blunt bangs.

Soft whispy bangs should do the trick, or you can opt to go for no bangs at all.

If you like shoulder length hair, you’ll need a haircut with soft, graduated layers. You can also opt for bangs, but make sure they’re also layered, longer and side-swept.

Fat Round Face Hairstyles for WomenFat Round Face Hairstyles for Women

Long Haircuts Long hair can be worn just as easily as short or medium hairstyles – just keep in mind to wear hair “forward” onto your face.

For long hair, getting layers are again the solution. A hairstyle that’s long and flat will simply drag the face down – but soft layers are just the ticket to give a light frame to a rounder face. Hair can be swept up and away from the face for a stylish hairstyle that’s a sure winner.

Wavy hair can also hide roundness. The gentle waves make round face look narrow.

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