15 Unique Wood Craft Designs, Ideas And Patterns

Wood crafts are more preferred these days. They provide a stunning look and can beautify anything in minutes. Various designs and patterns are carved on wood which adds to the beauty. Though it requires patience and concentration, the outcome always gives us happiness. If you are looking something to gift to your loved ones, but cannot find something which fits in your budget, then you should take on the task and try making a wood craft that will surely help.

Best Wood Craft Designs, Ideas And Patterns:

Here are top 15 wood crafts that you can try and excel in,

1. Door Decor Wood Craft:

Door Decor Wood Craft

This one is little good and shiny for your front door and surely nice collection for your kids bedroom door too. This is totally handmade and is one of the most beautiful and selective craft for your interior collection. You can enhance and customize this craft using your own creativity and ideas like any alphabets, delicate patterns, shapes etc.This selective wooden craft patternis useful as a Door hanger. Doget this stuff for your door and make it look fabulous.

2. Wooden Craft Photo Frame:

Wooden Craft Photo Frame

Photo frame is important in our life, to secure our memories. So why not make one ourselves? Making a wooden photo frame is very easy. There is no need to be an expert in wood shaping. Any tool which you find comfortable for your own self can be used for making photo frame of any shape and size. You can use various ideas and creativity and can decorate the frame with ribbons, diamonds, beads, wool, etc. This provides as a best option for gifting or decorating the room.

3. Wooden Airplanes as a Crafts:

Wooden Airplanes as a Crafts

This is simple, easy wooden craft and your kids will surely love this craft, airplane as a wooden craft will be perfect choice as a gift to your kids. This one is suitable for any school party projects. If you have a collection of ice-cream sticks then you can make an airplane craft. You can use different styles; decorating materials as well as you can try different colors while making this craft. Kids can develop their crafting abilities simply by trying this craft.

4. Wooden Wall Hanging Crafts:

Wooden Wall Hanging Crafts

Wall hangings made of wood are very attractive. They look realistic. There is no fear of breaking. There is this misconception that wooden wall hangings require experts, which is wrong. You can make your own wall hanging in any way possible and can decorate it. Even unpolished wall hanging looks great. Again they are perfect for gifting purpose. You can use shiny beads, water colors, ribbons, photographs etc. that can add much more to your wall hanging.

5. Wooden Watch Craft Idea:

Wooden Watch Craft Idea

These are best wood craft patterns that have wide range in craft collections. This is silent hanging wall clock, done and completed by pure proper finishing that has shiny surface of wood. Totally personalized craft is the best way to express your feelings from time to time, you can gift this wooden clock craft to your loved ones on valentine day too. You can alsoget some pictures in middle of this wooden handmade watch or clock. You can try this craft wood idea for your next valentine day.

6. Wooden Painting Board:

Wooden Painting Board

Painting on wooden handmade board is something cool and unique. Instead of using paper sheets, you can use wooden board to draw amazing pictures or paintings of trees, flowers, birds animals and many more. For making that board, you will need a piece or pieces of wood in whatever shape you like, any tool that can polish the wood and make it smooth and you are ready to go. However smoothness can differ according to the preference. Even unpolished and rough wood can be used for painting purpose, which will give a stunning look to your painting.

7. Wooden Artist Palette Craft:

Wooden Artist Palette Craft

You will find many more wooden craft shapes in different varieties too but if you plan to gift something to your artist friend then this oil paint mixing board or wooden artist palette will be a good idea surely. This can be used by artist to make different shades and is one of the popular types of craft, which is whole and solely made of wood and no other material. Though you can make it by yourself, you can find this on any online store.This is available in different shapes and you can find varieties for the same.

8. Christmas Special Wooden Craft:

Christmas Special Wooden Craft

These wood craft ideas will be kid’s craft type, Material is totally wooden and craft as a 10 wooden robin birds. This is useful for Christmas decoration, quality material is good if using proper plywood is preferred and can also be considered for painting. This is best wooden craft idea that can be used while celebrating Christmas with your friends and family.

9. Wooden Shelves Craft:

Wooden Shelves Craft

Unfinished wood crafts shelves are the next best option in wooden crafts. They are comparatively stronger and can support heavy weights. Moreover, they are budget friendly. Also, you can add your designs to it. Since they are handmade, they can be shaped and adjusted according to your preferences. They can be painted and decorated simply by using various color shades and different decorative articles like diamonds, beads, stones, paper cuttings, ribbons etc.

10. DIY Wood Craft:

DIY Wooden Craft

These are simple DIY wood crafts can be used in any occasion like Easter, Christmas, festival or any party times decorations too. This craft comes with wooden material with wood type color. Easily engraved or stained with your creative imagination. Get this blank unfurnishing wooden craft for your any type of projects.

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11. Wooden Rectangle Boards Craft:

Wooden Rectangle Boards Craft

If you are looking something different for your wedding party time then get these natural wood pine material boards. This comes with high quality and with smooth type material, tries this 10 bunch of boards as a DIY personal crafts too. All pieces come with good collection for your craft. Useful for a woodcraft designs.

12. Wooden Lamp Craft:

Lamps can add beauty to any simple thing. Be it room or office. Here also you can experiment your lamp making ability. Try making it with wood. Wooden lamps are beautiful and are very attractive. As compared to other materials, wooden lamps are more popular. Various designs and decorative articles can make it look fabulous.

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13. Wooden Craft Jewelry Box Craft:

Wooden Craft Jewelry Box Craft

Gift this jewelry heart craft box to your loved one; this wood craft design is adorable. This is European style round heart shaped craft made with real wood material. You will not get any single color or any paint to the surface area. You can add few colors as per your idea this is best gift in DIY patterns. Feature is totally eco-friendly and 5kg jewelry load with glossy technics.

14. Key Hook Love Bird Wooden Craft:

Key Hook Love Bird Wooden Craft

If you plan something crafts idea for your dear one then handmade crafts are best wood craft signs. This is artificial love bird which is the sign of love in craft item, cast iron and wooden made material is used for this craft. White colored hooks painted and attached painted wood with the color of Caribbean blue pattern. This craft is best lovable option to gift your loved one on her birthday party. This is useful as a key hook or necklace holder type too. This is unique decorative craft for our dear.

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15. Wooden Spoons Home Decorative Craft:

Wooden Spoons Home Decorative Craft

Looking something new for your garden or are you planning to buy for bird feeders spoon then you must surely have a look at this pattern of wooden material spoons. This is best option of wooden spoons for your outdoor garden table. You can recycle old spoons in crafts; this is very impressive while you use handmade utensils for your garden decoration. Kids also will enjoy while making such type of spoon crafts, it helps them to improve their creativity. This type of wooden handicrafts surely catches the attention of your friends.

As mentioned above, wooden crafts are different and unique. They give a fresh look to your belonging. Wooden crafts are budget friendly, beautiful and attractive. Not every wooden craft is hard. There are some which are easy to make. One more advantage of making wooden crafts is that there is very little need of maintenance, wooden craft does not demand any complicated process for maintaining it. Also, there is no compulsion of using tools strictly meant for wooden crafts, you can use any tool of your own choice and can make stunning designs and patterns on the wood. Wooden crafts are also very useful for gifting. There are so many options in wooden craft that you can consider while gifting to your loved ones. Moreover, wooden crafts are handmade – this will definitely make your loved ones feel special. Thus, there are so many reasons to consider this amazing craft – wooden craft.