Top Uses of Barley Water During Pregnancy

One of the most consumed cereal grains in the world after rice and wheat is Barley. Barley grains resemble rice grains, but have a coarse texture due to the bran. When cooked, barley grains turn starchy, with a nutty flavor. Barley is widely used in cooking for making breads, salads and malts. Whole grain barley grains are rich in dietary fiber and packed with nutrition. This is the reason why doctors recommended a serving of Barley Water for pregnant women. There are many conflicting views regarding the intake of barley water during pregnancy.

In this article, we shall guide on the importance of Barley during pregnancy and the best way to take them.

barley water during pregnancy
Benefits of Barley Kanji During Pregnancy:

One of the common questions asked by many women is “Is Barley water good during pregnancy?”. Well, we have the top barley water benefits for pregnancy:

  • Barley is rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients ensure a healthy body for the expecting mother. Its diuretic property triggers urination rate. So, this way, you can get rid of the excess fluids from your body.
  • Presence of fiber in barley helps in regulating bowel movements and in preventing constipation plus hemorrhoids. However, it may also add to the gastrointestinal issues during pregnancy.

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  • Niacin in this cereal aid in maintaining a smooth digestive system in pregnant women. It is also a coagulating agent which is very useful during caesarean or normal delivery of the baby.
  • This grain also regulates your blood sugar levels and prevents the occurrence of gestational diabetes.
  • Folate in barley prevents the foetus from being infected by certain types of prenatal diseases, such as spina bifida.
  • Regular intake of barley water reduces the affects of morning sickness and nausea. It also prevents the severity of stomach cramps and irritations. The copper in barley ensures that your joints, bones and blood vessels are flexible.
  • It is also believed that barley lessens the stomach inflammation during pregnancy.
  • This cereal promotes cell growth and repair. This is very important to hold the growing infant in your womb.
  • Barley is also beneficial for the production and secretion of breast milk
  • Taking Barley water in pregnancy also lowers your cholesterol levels. So chances of cardio vascular disorders in pregnant mothers are considerably reduced.
  • It aids in flushing out excess toxins from the body and hence prevents the occurrence of gastric swellings or disorders.
  • Moreover, as per research, unregulated amounts of caffeine are not good for an expecting mother. But it is highly recommended to take barley tea during pregnancy, because of its minimum concentration of caffeine content.

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Is Barley Water Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes! Infact, it is one of the important foods to be included in a pregnant lady’s diet plan. One can drink barley water during pregnancy to help in dealing with a number of ailments, including constipation, stomach cramps and yeast infections. However, the fact that it is diuretic can cause slight discomfort to expectant mothers. Excessive consumption of barley water during late pregnancy stage scan drain a lot of fluid, which can decrease the water content in the uterus.

Barley Water Side Effects during Pregnancy:

  • You should avoid barley if you are allergic to it. Intake of this cereal can lead to development of rash and itching in pregnant women.
  • Sprouted barley can at times lead to miscarriage or birth defects.
  • Barley contaminated with yeast or fungus might cause bone related disorders, like Kashin Beck disease.

How To Prepare Barley Water During Pregnancy?

Barley Water is easy to prepare at home with pearl barley during pregnancy. To make a glass of this liquid, you will need:

  • Barley Grains – ¼ Cup
  • Water – 3 Cups
  • Pink Salt or Rock Sugar – Optional


  • Wash Barley thoroughly and strain the water.
  • Now add 3 Cups of water in a pot and add the grains.
  • Boil till the grains are well cooked and the water turns translucent.
  • Strain the liquid and add sugar or salt as desired.
  • Serve it warm.

Tip: Do not discard the cooked barley. Instead add them to your salads for a nice texture and added fiber.

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Barley water is not new to Indian households. It is a common practice to offer barley water for pregnant ladies to help them deal with a number of health issues. Particularly for Urinary tract infections, which is quite common during pregnancy, barley water can save many trips to the doctors and free you from unnecessary medication. Even after delivery, barley can increase your milk supply and can be an excellent food for your baby above 8 months. We hope you take advantage of this humble kitchen ingredient and have a happy pregnancy!


1. Is barley grass safe during pregnancy?

Barley belongs to the grass family and the grass, along with the grains is quite edible. It is an excellent source of B-Complex vitamins and is abundant in copper, Calcium, magnesium. The safe way to consume barley grass during pregnancy is in the powder form, to help boost immune system and also flush out toxins. Be sure to go for a natural, organic product.

2. Can pregnant women eat barley?

Barley grains, when cooked can be included in the meal of a pregnant women. However, the excessive fiber in the grains can make it difficult for digestion. It is recommended to soak them for at least 8 hours before they are cooked and eaten.

3. Can I drink Barley tea during pregnancy?

Barley tea is regarded to one of the safest drinks for pregnant women and even young babies. It can help in cooling your body even in hot summers and prevent dehydration. Barley tea aids in better digestion and is also quite nutritious. It is known to improve your metabolism and ward off constipation.