30 Simple And Easy Crafts for Kids In 2020

We all are familiar with, what craft is and it’s the best way to kill time. But have you ever wondered it can be a really good skill which you can teach it to your kids, from the very childhood. Thought kids are given a lot of craft activities in their school, but they don’t really pay attention to it. I still remember the days of childhood when I was given so many crafts to do which involved, stitching, paper work, wall hanging and many more.

Simple And Easy Crafts For Kids:

So lets’ see what crafts a kid can do best, some top 30 crafts for kids are,

1. Wall Hanging Craft:

Wall Hanging Craft

Wall hanging is the type of craft where a person need to make anything that you can hang on the wall, this is a good craft ideas for kids, you can make a wall hanging from simple colored sheets and some decorative material which you can stick on it like flowers or the small creative balls, then you just have to make a loop so that it hangs on the wall.

2. Stitching Craft:

Stitching Craft

When your child is growing up, he should be taught to be independent and small things should be known to him, that’s why one best craft activities for kids is stitching, not simple stitching make your child learn different stitching like loop, cross and many more, if your child is given some school activity pay attention and make a craft out of stitching.

3. Popsicle Stick Craft:

Popsicle Stick Craft

Every kid like’s popsicle and what you can do is, once kids finish the popsicle keep the stick with them, and one easy way to make kids learn about animal’s is paint make kids paint the sticks then make animals’ face like elephant, tiger, and others and stick those animals’ on the stick this easy craft for kids will make them learn about animals and this can be kept in their room.

4. Paper Plate Craft:

Paper Plate Craft

The stepping stone to make your kid learn about craft are these easy crafts for kids, on a simple paper plate the kid can make a bunny as paper plate being its face and making the ears from colored paper and eyes and nose. This is an easy craft and does not demand a lot of energy so kids can learn easily.

5. Animal Craft:

Animal Craft

Only in childhood days kids’ wants’ to know all about animals and stuff and every kid has a favorite animal of their own, here is one craft for children all you need to do is paste the ice cream stick and make the animal figure and color them or paint. One easily made is the dodo paint them yellow and make eyes’ and nose and you child can keep it on their table.

6. Cotton Craft:

Cotton Craft

Cotton crafts are the simple crafts for kids from cotton you can make sheep all you got to do is make your child collect the ice cream stick or the twigs from the surroundings and then some cotton balls pieces, stick the cotton ball pieces on the stick in some round shape on the painted stems or the stick then make eyes, and little nose, then you get a sheep.

7. Sand Craft:

Sand Craft

Well it’s a habit of every kid to collect the sand from the beach or anywhere they go to play with, one good thing your child can do with is sand is make some sand art, like on a sheet of paper sand can be stick with some flower made on it with the pistachio cover. This is a really good craft for kid that can also be framed and kept.

8. Cloth Pin Craft:

Cloth Pin Craft

Kids like to play with small toys they have, so why not give them a chance to make one of their own, from cloth pin the best thing a kid can make is a toy helicopter, just have to paint the cloth pin and add some sticks to give it some wings, then a little helicopter is made perfectly. These are the cool crafts for kids and also new crafts.

9. Doll Craft:

Doll Craft

Every girl loves to play with dolls so why not make them learn how to do doll craft, this cool craft work for children is fun concept to teach them. These dolls can be made from different things either from paper dolls or the one you can make stuff dolls from cloth and stuff some sponge or cotton in it. Making a doll out of cardboard then just draw and pain the doll and cut it out.

10. Pin Wheel Craft:

Pin Wheel Craft

Pin wheel are the little fans that roll when the wind blow, a child runs with a pin wheel in his hand that makes it move with the wind, this can be a craft for kids as you just have to make round fan out of paper roll and stick it to a stem or some twig and then just decorative it. This is a easy craft for small kids as the fan has to be round shaped so it moves easily.

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11. Dragon Fly Craft:

Dragon Fly Craft

This one cool craft work for kids is an amazing thing, kids can make dragon fly out of their hand print all you need to do is hand print on a sheet of paper and then cut it out and paste it on a ice cream stick or twig then give it eyes and ears and you are up with a cool craft.

12. Canvas Craft:

Canvas Craft

One new idea is the canvas craft your kids can make a easy canvas craft your kid just need to take a canvas and cut the alphabet that he or she wants can be the first letter of their name then cover it with woolen thread of different colors and here you go with a simple craft for kids that can be kept at their side table.

13. Sea Shell Craft:

Sea Shell Craft

Sea shells are the souvenir that every kid collects when he or she visits a beach or a place of sand, one easy craft idea for kids is that you can make some art out of that sea shell all your kid has to do, is to paint that shell and make little eyes and ears so it looks attractive and also a little animal will be made out of it.

14. Paper Fan Craft:

Paper Fan Craft

The best craft ideas for children is the paper fan, which is made out of simple paper by folding it into a fan shape and then just by pasting some decorative items on it or a small animal picture on it. Before making this simple paper fan you can either use colored sheet or even paint it so that it looks cool. Fold the paper in even odd basis to make a paper fan out of it.

15. Spinner Craft:

Spinner Craft

Here is one interesting craft for children it’s the spinner , to make a spinner you will need a cardboard then you just have to cut the cardboard into a round shape and make a little hole in the centre of it and then just add a make a loop to hold the spinner and spin it. The spinner is a fun way to play with.

16. Leaf Craft:

Leaf Craft

Children like to play with leaves when they visit a park so why not take some paper sheet and glue to make something productive out of those leaves, one good craft activities for kids is they can paste the leaves in different shapes to make some animal out of it, this way they will also learn.

17. Wall Craft:

Wall Craft

Well here is easy craft for kids, as they like to decorate their room and the room door, what kids can do is take a sheet of cardboard and make a door stick where the kids hand print on that sheet and some nice quote written on it to make it look more attractive, example a quote like ‘scan to enter’. It will not really scan but will eventually make it look attractive and because of the cardboard it will look 3D.

18. Match Box Craft:

Match Box Craft

People usually throw the match box left over in their house, one craft idea for kids is from the match box different animals can be made like the giraffe where you have to paste the match box together and make a long neck from a stem or some hard cardboard material. And you get a beautiful giraffe.

19. Paper Lantern Craft:

Paper Lantern Craft

Usually girls like to make something creative and why not give your little one a chance to improve their paper crafts skills, paper lanterns are a great way to enhance the skills, it’s a very crafty idea for kids as these lanterns are a hard work done, that is first they are cut through a technique then they stand tall.

20. Handmade Candle Craft:

Handmade Candle Craft

Though this might sound difficult to make handmade candles but all you have to do is, collect some wax and mould the candle in any shape you want, you can give the children the mould and they can fill the wax and put the stem of candle in it, they can also decorate it as they want, with paper or colored sheet, this is a very good craft idea for children.

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21. Food Craft:

Food Craft

Okay! So every child is fond of food they just want to try everything out in this world, so food craft is an easy thing to do make your kid mould the cookie dough in the shape they want by this way they will become pro in food craft as they keep practicing the food art which will make them learn how exactly it is done. This is the best craft idea for kids to increase their abilities.

22. Wrist Band Craft:

Wrist Band Craft

One good craft idea for children is the wrist band craft what children can do is make wrist band from different material that is small beads and thick woolen threads’, or from foldable plastic material. They can easily be made within some minutes, they can also be made from rubber fold them into circle shape then stick them.

23. Clay Craft:

Clay Craft

Every kid is given clay to play with from the very childhood, so clay craft are a cool craft idea for kids, they can mould the clay as taught to them to make different things, be it animals or human face or fruits or flower. There are many different things you can make out of clay which can be taught to kids.

24. Model Craft:

Model Craft

Children are often given model making in schools well then here are the good crafts for children for children, when your kid is given model making in school without confusion pick up some pieces of cardboard and help your kid to make some model out of it, one best is the fish aquarium, paste cardboard to 3 side and paint it blue and stick handmade fishes.

25. Tube Craft:

Tube Craft

Well this one task demands some hard work but will definitely prove to be the best, sometime you are left with pipe pieces and tube, so you can save them, what your kid can do is cover it with paper sheet then make a triangle a round one and stick on top of it, then you can put small candles in them and candle craft is made, this is the most cool craft for kids.

26. Watch Craft:

Watch Craft

Every kid should have a small clock besides’ his table well then watch craft is one thing which your kid can make easily. One easy craft ideas for kids are that watch can be made out of CD that is left un-used. On the CD just paste the numbers and at the back of it stick the battery that you can easily get at a departmental store.

27. Button Craft:

Button Craft

You know kids can make a lot of things from buttons like a turtle, so the easy craft for kids is that they just have to draw an animal on a sheet of paper and then paste the buttons on that shape with the similar color of animal. And it can be kept in the kids’ room.

28. Star Craft:

Star Craft

Stars are a great things and every child wishes for a star every night, so why not make a star craft, this cool craft for kid is that you need to cut star out of cardboard then sprinkle some glitter on it and make a hole on top of it so that the kid can put a thread through it and hang the star.

29. Beads Craft:

Beads Craft

One easy craft for kids is the bead craft, all a kid has to do is collect the beads and stick them in a long tube thing or there are rubber in which you can put the beads easily and make cute little things, the best is done in the Christmas time you can make Christmas tree, lolly and many more things.

30. Wind Chime Craft:

Wind Chime Craft

Though this sounds a little hard for kids, but if you help this will be possible, all you need to do is bring little tin round box and it can be painted and a hole can be made so that it hangs and in the wire add some beads that make a little noise when they blow with the wind. This is one great craft work for children which can develop a good skill in them.

There are plenty of crafts for kids out there, which a child can learn from his very childhood, by learning and making this craft a child will not only kill his time but also, it will enhance his abilities and skill in the area of craft work.

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