5th Month Baby Food Recipes – Our Top 9

Is your baby completes her 5 month? Then, this is the time to introduce new food or solids to your baby. Most of the parents started a little amount of solids whereas some are waiting for the completion of 6 month. So, today in this article I have explored a list of top food recipes for your 5 month old baby.

5 month baby food

Top 9 Food Recipes for 5 Month Old Baby:-

1. Oatmeal Cereal:

• For this, you need oats water or milk. First of all crush oats into the mixer to make a fine powder.
• Take 1/2 cup of water to a boil plus spray in 2 tbsp of the ground oats moreover ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon, if preferred.
• Cook for 2 minutes awaiting the mixture is fat moreover creamy.

2. Apple Plus Raspberry Puree:

• Together with raspberry, you can furthermore use blueberries as well as strawberries.
• Place diced apple and raspberry in a pan in addition cook over a low heat around 5 minutes to 8 minutes till supple.
• Squash in calculation filter out the raspberry seeds. Serve up just warm.

3. Vegetable Soup:

• Wash and clean 1 piece bottle gourd, 1 carrot, ½ potatoes, beans, few peas, 1 piece pumpkin and cut into small pieces.
• Cook this in water and turmeric into pressure cooker for 15 minutes.
• After cooling down mash all the ingredients and blend into mixer.
• Regulate consistency to your baby’s taste plus serve up.

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4. Papaya Puree:

• The Papaya is wealthy in dietary fibre plus vitamins. Utilize papaya that is yellow to orange in color to make certain it is well-ripe.
• Shed plus remove seeds from the papaya, then cut into little pieces.
• Combine in a mixer for a flat puree otherwise crush with the back of a spoon intended for lumpier mash. Give it to your baby.

5. Fresh Fruity Yoghurt:

• Use the fruit that is high in vitamin C along with calcium.
• Catch any ripe fruit that is in season together with peel, in addition to cut it as appropriate.
• Place the fruit plus water in a small saucepan and take to the boil.
• Simmer waiting the fruit is supple and after that pulp.
• After cooling, combine into yoghurt.

6. Rice Cereal:

• Take rice powder (brown rice crush in blender otherwise food processor.
• Cook the rice powder in water around 10 minutes beating continuously.
• Blend in formula otherwise breast milk as well as with fruit.
• To make a healthy food you can also add a almond paste into this cereal and Serve up hot.

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7. Apples or Applesauce:

• Shed, core and slice apple, then put this into pan in water.
• Boil for 10 minutes and later cooling mash this with a smooth consistency otherwise you can also make a puree.
• Put in cereal to thicken up the consistency.
• Uncertainly, your baby do not like the taste of apple then, you can use banana, avocado, strawberry etc.

8. Barley Cereal:

• Take crushed barley and water and put this to boil for about 10 minutes and stir continuously.
• Combine this in formula or breast milk or fruit juice and put in fruits if preferred.
• Provide warm.

9. Carrot Puree:

• For this you need carrots or other of your choice.
• Peel carrots plus slice into small chunks then put this into steamer for 10 minutes.
• Take out this and make a puree by adding water into this to get a thick and smooth consistency.
• Serve warm to you baby.

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