Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice – Benefits and How it is Work

Patanjali Aloe Vera juice is very popular for digestive disorders are very common in those who generally have a very unhealthy lifestyle. These days most people have a very busy routine and day to day schedule. Therefore they often skip breakfast and other meals or have something that is very readily available and is deep fried. Usually most fried foods are high in oil and cholesterol. They also contain high amounts of molasses and sugar. Soft drinks at the same time can be loaded with carbon dioxide which is also a factor which builds up on the calorie and the bad food intake.

patanjali aloe vera juice

Benefits of Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice:

All these may lead to various types of internal and external problems. A very common problem is when people have problems in absorbing the nutrients. At the same time there can be problems of oiliness on the surface and also there can be hair loss. Flakes are another common thing that can happen. A person can also have problems of acidity and rashes. Usually the extra fat deposition can also cause obesity which is a growing concern these days. Many people who eat oily foods they have this problem.

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At the same time there are a number of other factors like lack of sleep and also excessive caffeine or alcohol or a very lazy lifestyle which can lead to several types of problems like diabetes and others. Often the problem becomes when these start to give eruptions. These can happen on the facial area or at the back. These can also give rise to piles or other problems.

Patanjali Aloe juice contains aloin and laxative agents. This is also a source of high fibre and is a mucous like thing which is helpful for those people who has the problem of constipation and has a diet which does not contain enough fibre. However excess of this is harmful. This should be taken in proper dosages as different people have different types of constipation problems.

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This comes in a 1 liter bottle and costs around 250 INR and is not expensive on the pocket. This has the suggested dosage of 15 to 25 ml per day in the morning or instructions at the pack. However, this is the average strong requirement if a person has extreme problem and is suggested by a doctor. This may be quite strong for most people. So it is advisable to start with 10 ml and have this a few times a week.

If a person has this everyday then the body will be dependent on it and then normal laxative movements can be hindered and also stomach problems. Therefore it is suggested to start with 10 ml and then follow this for 2 to 3 weeks and see the results. If this gives good results and problems do not happen or not enough benefit is obtained then this can be increased to 15 ml after giving a gap of few weeks.

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The Benefits that Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice can Give are as Follows:

1. It can make the face appear better without rashes. Usually these happen due to presence of toxicity inside the body. This can be treated.

2. Problem of constipation can be treated.

3. The texture of hair can also improve and can become shinier.

4. If applied externally then this can work as a conditioner and also if applied on face can reduce blemishes.

5. Precaution: This should not be taken without medical prescription. This should be accompanied with a proper diet and good exercise to get benefits from it.